when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


2. Texas

Nialls P.O.V:

Man the guys keep bothering me.

All of them keep saying their worried about me, that they dont want me to be lonely and i need a girlfriend.

But, i dont my princess is on her way.

I just have to be patient and wait.

Anyways im reallly hungry i think im gonna go get something to eat.


Collbys P.O.V:

I honestly think this is the longest car ride of my life. At least were almost there.

Im glad to be finally starting over, besides the fact that im gonna miss my friends really badly.

Lets just say that my past isnt so great.

I think im going to take a nap , before we get to the new house.


Gregs P.O.V:

The car ride was quiet and long but, i enjoyed it. I like being with collby.

i looked over to her]

Shes so beautiful when she sleeps she looks just like her mother .

with long brown hair and peirceing green eyes.

*sigh* she's been so  distant since her mother passed away.

I know they were close but its been five years  i just wish she would be happy again.

A tear rolled down my cheek. I drove onto the street where our new house would be.

I pulled into the driveway and "wow this is a huge house!"





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