when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


6. gettting to know eachother

Collbys P.O.V:

"soo...Niall right? tell me about yourself"

"urm well im irish" niall said

well now i know what accent he has.

"oh so your irish, do you have your own pot of gold?"

"yeah like i havent heard that one before!"

we looked at each other for a couple seconds , then bursted out laughing.

right when we were done laughing my dad walked in with the tea....thanks dad ruin the moment.


Niall P.O.V:

wow Collbys amazing, its a plus when someone can make me laugh.

i was about to start the conversation back up when her dad walked in with tea.

man, bad timeing on his  part.

oh well.


Gregs P.O.V: i heard niall and collby laughing from the family room, it made me smile because i know that laugh.

she hasnt laughed that way since her mom was here.

its a laugh full of happiness.

you know i like this niall kid.

too bad the tea has cooled down i need to give it to them now.

maybe, i shouldnt cause i know im about to ruin the moment

buuuut, i dont want this great tea to go to waste so the moment will have to be ruined!

i walked into the family room to niall and collby cooling down from laughing, they both looked at me.

and yup i defienetly ruined the moment!

i set the tea down on the table and told collby and niall i was going to go back up stairs to finish un packing.

" nice to meet you niall, come back any time' i told him and off i was.

Nialls P.O.V:

her dad kept leaving us alone together which was great.

it gave me more time to learn about her.

"so collby where are you from?" i asked her

"im from this little town called yelm in washington state, its pretty much always rainy their, so im kinda glad  im in texas now its so warm!"

"yeah it is always warm, thats what i love about vacationing here."

'oh this is just a vacation home to you?"

"yeah i actually live in london but, since its summer im  down her... i leave back to london in about two months"

"oh" collby said with a sad tone to her voice.

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