when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


11. collbys room.

Nialls P.O.V: we walked up the stairs and entered into collbys room....nothing was even unpacked yet but her room was a pretty good size. collby pointed to one half of the room and told me i could start unpacking the boxes and she would start unpacking the boxes on the other half of the room. we smiled a eachother and went to work!

Collbys P.O.V: This is strange i mean i just met the guy like two hours ago and we already made out and now hes in my room unpacking my clothes? i dont understand why hes so intrested in me he told me i was pretty but i stilll dont understand this situation. its confussing! but im just gonna go with the flow. im tired of always second guessing myself and im tired of being confussed and over thinking so what ever happen happens..right? i hear niall say my name so i turn around...and oh my gosh.

Nialla P.O.V: while i was unpacking some boxes i came across collbys "delicates" haha she had a pare of red underwear in one of the is a very naughty color she shouldnt have that! haha i decided it would be funny to make her blush so i turned around,underwear in hand and called collbys name she turned around. the instent she did her face went blood red. it was so cute. i asked her "what are these for?" she blushed even harder and came to snatch the underwear out of my hands. but i wouldnt let her i held them up so she couldnt reach, she tried to jump for them and failed. i lowered them and said  "i will only give these to you if i can have a kiss!"
she stuck her tongue out at me and walked away. but before she could get far enough i grabbed her arm and turned her around dropping the underwear. i pushed my lips against hers and she kissed back.we stayed like that for a while until she pulled away smileing up at me....god i love that smile!

CollbysP.O.V: The fact that niall found my underwear was embarrasing i could feel myself blushing really hard i tried to get them from him but he wouldnt let me..after i gave up and walked away he kissed me. it was a light kiss but i was nice. i feel like this town and niall will be good for me. unlike my other town....texas is like heaven and own personal hell.

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