In the life of Laura her life is never perfect. Her parents are always moving to different suburbs of the UK. When moving to different suburbs Laura must move to a new school finding new friends hoping they won't become close with each other, as she will miss them too much when she moves.
Laura enrolls into Boran High. She finds a boyfriend but soon will fall in love with Zayn Malik (AKA the school player and bully).
Her life isn't perfect at home either as her parents are always fighting not paying attention to her daily life.

During her stay at London she finds out she is diagnosed with cancer.

With a love triangle, drama, tension and heartbreaks.


5. When Reece protects me


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I actually was scared. His hands began to swing but thankfully he only smacked the table making our food jump from the force. 

"Trust me, watch out. But im not giving up." Zayn's eyes were directly looking at me

"Mate, just leave it and go" Reece stepped forward in front of me backing him off away from me.

Zayn just walked off giving him an evil glare. 

"Thanks"  as I  smiled a him

"No Worries"

The bell soon rang. I didn't even get to eat my lunch. Stupid Zayn for stopping me from eating, why did I have to sit next to him in anyways. I was hesistant to secretly bring food with me to class but I ended up leaving it.

"Hey Laura, what subject do you have next?" Niall called out through the crowd

"Sadly biology" As my face pouted

"Oh your in the same class as Reece and I"

I smiled. Hopefully Zayn wasn't in that class. I was tensed up, hoping that i wouldn't see Zayn the whole day, but i felt someones arms around me. I looked up and saw Reece.

"Don't worry its going to be okay. He won't do anything"

"Hopefully not" I re/plied

Who knew I wold be that scared of Zayn. Suddenly I saw a football coming to my face. I was too late to react and protect myself. The ball went straight to my cheek bone.

"F*ck" I yelped

"I am soo sorry, let me help you"

"Who are you?"

"Im Liam Payne" He smiled. Liam had blonde brown hair. It was to hard to describe.

"I will take her to the sick bay for you" sugget Reece. His arm was still around me

"No its okay, I will, considering i was the one who caused the damage"

Liam leaded me to the sickbay, when really I hated seeing the nurse but Reece and Niall forced me to. The people here I have met are actually kind of nice. Excluding Zayn.

(A/N: Sorry for the boring chapter. I might stop updating. I don't think anybody reads these. I wonder if anybody reads my authors note :L Have a good day and enjoy. This chapter is a bit boring. VOTE AND COMMENT PLEASE)


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