In the life of Laura her life is never perfect. Her parents are always moving to different suburbs of the UK. When moving to different suburbs Laura must move to a new school finding new friends hoping they won't become close with each other, as she will miss them too much when she moves.
Laura enrolls into Boran High. She finds a boyfriend but soon will fall in love with Zayn Malik (AKA the school player and bully).
Her life isn't perfect at home either as her parents are always fighting not paying attention to her daily life.

During her stay at London she finds out she is diagnosed with cancer.

With a love triangle, drama, tension and heartbreaks.


1. Moving in


*Laura's POV*

I hated how we always moved houses. It gets really annoying, especially when you try to fit in school. That was the worst bit. My parents always say that we wouldn't move anymore but I don't see that happening, they don't even have time for me because they are always at work.

Honey, we are here" called out Dad as he turned the engine off.

"Are we ever going to  stop moving dad?"

My dad just got out of the car ignoring my question. His always ignoring that question. Its just a simple yes or no.

Pissed off I slammed the car door closed walking into the house with my earphones in my ear listening to All Time Low. Dayuum  they were good!

I could still smell the paints on the walls. The smell soon faded once I walked upstairs into my bedroom, the stairs were curved a bit and had wooden tiles. My window was facing the street. It was good view as I could see the buildings by the city.

After I settled in my bedroom i decided to arrange my belongings. My bedroom was the only place that made me feel comfortable.

My wall was just plain pink so i decided to get my paintbrush out and paint one side of the wall with green stems of leaves coming out. I enjoyed art. It was the only way to express myself, I always wanted to be an artist when I leave highschool but my parents always disagreed and gave me lectures to be a doctor. 

After I arranged everything and felt comfortable in the place I am I settled in my silk sheets i took out my phone scrolling through facebook. Nothing really new. Ollie has got a girlfriend. WOW. 


Walking down the stairs i see my Mum placing potato salad with steak and peas. I wasn't very fond of this dish so I decided to eat quickly to get it over and done with.

"Are you excited for school tomorrow Laura?"

"I really am Mum!" using my sarcastic voice

Obviously I wasn't excited of school. I had to meet new people all over again and try not to get to attach with them, because I knew I was going to move..

Walking up the stairs I headed straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth putting on my Tweety pajamas. Once I had finished I climbed into my bed setting my alarm at 6.00am and feel straight to sleep.


(A/N: first fanfic written. I will update more if I see people reading my fanfics and voting. Besides I'm not as busy now days so I think i will be highly active. PLEASE VOTE, LIKE, READ AND COMMENT :))



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