In the life of Laura her life is never perfect. Her parents are always moving to different suburbs of the UK. When moving to different suburbs Laura must move to a new school finding new friends hoping they won't become close with each other, as she will miss them too much when she moves.
Laura enrolls into Boran High. She finds a boyfriend but soon will fall in love with Zayn Malik (AKA the school player and bully).
Her life isn't perfect at home either as her parents are always fighting not paying attention to her daily life.

During her stay at London she finds out she is diagnosed with cancer.

With a love triangle, drama, tension and heartbreaks.


4. Lunchtime


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"Zayn please read chapter 5 page 31 please" 

Thank goodness for the teacher! Just on time. Least his not near me anymore.

After an hour of boredness the bell finally rang. Niall was waiting for me by the door smiling. His blue eyes are amazing! I smiled back at him. Zayn was walking right behind me so I walked quicker so  he wouldn't start a conversation.

I walked in the cafeteria with Niall leading me to a group of people.

"Okay, so before we reach to my group of friends I want to show you which group is which. On the left is the geeks, on your right is the photographers who likes taking photos of jocks and cheerleaders...."

I dozed off halfway until we reached his groups of friends. 

"Okay everyone, this is Laura. Laura meet Harry, Louis, Eleanor and Reece"

"Hello!!" they all had a friendly smile. Harry had curly hair, while Louis had brown hair who was eating a bowl of carrots. Eleanor a girl with wavy long hair. They could be tumblr models. I never met anyone beautiful then them. But Reece caught my eye. He had hazel eyes like Zayn with brown hair spiked up a bit like Justin Biebers. He had the perfect tan with a good  and his teeth were pure white and straight.

I sat down between Niall and Eleanor. We were all having a friendly talk until the whole cafteria went quite. Even our table started speaking softly. I was puzzled.

"Umm...Eleanor, why is everyone quiet" Eleanor started to cover herself with her elbow on the table trying to cover her face holding Louis hand. I guess they were in a relationship.

"Well.. You see that boy with the blackish hair..."


"Yeah him. Well his the school bully ready to bash anyone who gets in there way. His also the school player. Most of the girls from the cheerleading grouplike him due to the fact that his only nice to hot girls. But dump them after they have sex but they still go running after them. Even the teachers are scared of him, so they try to be nice to him as much as possible."

"Wow, what a faggot" really I did think he was one

"Aww shit, Zayns walking towards us" Nialls eyes were widen.

He was wearing shades in the cafteria. It isnt even sunny in here. Its like his hangover, his two friends were behind him like security guards.

"Heey Laura, come sit with us. Don't hang around with these losers" One leg of his was on Nialls chair leaning his arm on there, and the other one was on the ground. 

I could see everyones face was embarassed and sadden as they were looking on the floor. It actually broke my heart seeing them like that even though i just met them.

"Really? Losers. Thats what you call them. Are you sure your not one yourself. I rather hang around with them" I could see all of them smiling with there heads up now. I actually felt better myslef seeing nobody will stand up for themselves.

Zayn's face wasn't smiling anymore. It was a face like he was going to punch me....

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