In the life of Laura her life is never perfect. Her parents are always moving to different suburbs of the UK. When moving to different suburbs Laura must move to a new school finding new friends hoping they won't become close with each other, as she will miss them too much when she moves.
Laura enrolls into Boran High. She finds a boyfriend but soon will fall in love with Zayn Malik (AKA the school player and bully).
Her life isn't perfect at home either as her parents are always fighting not paying attention to her daily life.

During her stay at London she finds out she is diagnosed with cancer.

With a love triangle, drama, tension and heartbreaks.


3. In English class


Everyones eyes were pierced on me. It felt so awkward its like they never seen a new person come by. The stares stopped as a blonde boy with blue eyes walked towards me.

"Hey there, you must be Laura, I'm Niall"

I could tell by his accent he was Irish, thats pretty cute

"Yes I am, its nice meeting you Niall" shaking his hands

"I will be you guide for the next two weeks" as he smiles. His teeth was perfectly white.

There was an awkward silence for only a few seconds until Niall asked me if he could see my timetable. 

"Awesome, you have english first. Your in my class so we can walk together"

This school had friendly people, for now i guess. Exculding the stares when I first walked through the gates.

Once I got walked intoto class, I caught everyones attention. Its like they know I murdered someone. Niall sat down on his seat while the teacher requested me to sit at the back row where a guy with blackish hair with brown hazel eyes, he was wearing a brown leather jacket with black skinny jeans. He didn't seem to care what was happening around him.

I walked to my seat placing my books on the table. I glanced up once I heard my english teacher speak.


" Alright class, today we will be working on the book Romeo and Juliet...."

I didn't hear the rest of the part as Zayn caught my attention. He was so close to me I could feel his breath. Well this was awkward...

"Heey babe, you have a nice ass. Wanna date sometime" as he whispered to me. His breath smelt like mint.

I rolled my eyes ignoring his answer, I actually was highly offended due to the fact that he only liked me for my looks. Im not sure what he wants or who he think he is but im not letting him get in me that easily.

(A/N: Third chapter finally. Hope you enjoyed it)



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