In the life of Laura her life is never perfect. Her parents are always moving to different suburbs of the UK. When moving to different suburbs Laura must move to a new school finding new friends hoping they won't become close with each other, as she will miss them too much when she moves.
Laura enrolls into Boran High. She finds a boyfriend but soon will fall in love with Zayn Malik (AKA the school player and bully).
Her life isn't perfect at home either as her parents are always fighting not paying attention to her daily life.

During her stay at London she finds out she is diagnosed with cancer.

With a love triangle, drama, tension and heartbreaks.


2. First day of school-part 1


I was awoken by the birds chirping. Guess they are early birds unlike me. I decided to wake up. Checking my phone it was only 5.30am. Half an hour left till 6.00

I decided to just go have a shower. Opening my  bedroom door soflty I walked quietly to the bathroom hoping I wouldn't wake anyone up.

I turned on the shower taps letting the warm water past by sliding down my skin. I stepped in with a sigh of releif. Beautiful.

Stepping out of the cubicle I glanced up at the roof. All the steam was floating up there like clouds. It was summer right now. I slipped on my  dark blue shorts and a long striped pink and white top, tucking it in my shorts. I was pretty self concious about myself so I usually wore makeup. I took out my masara and eyeliner.

"There we go, all done" whispering quietly to myself.

Walking down the stairs I smelt bacon and eggs. My favourite. Well at least it was better then yesterdays food. I dropped my bag on the floor and walked to the seat. My food was setted out as face. 

"Laura we have to go now, im late for work" My mum was running up and down the stairs ftrying to find her keys. She is so unorganised!

I gulped down my food and swang my bag around my back with one strap on my shoulder and the other one hanging down.


Does she have a little patience?

I quickly ran out of the house and into the car.

It was a short drive to my new school. It was n awakward drive as well. I wasn't ready to start school again and find new friends.

I got out of the car not wanting to say bye to my mum due to the fact that she made me move.

I took a good stare at the black high gates. Took a deep breath and walked in.....


(A/N: nobody really reads my fanfics :L but if you are right now thaaankyou :) please comment if you are. Just curious)



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