The fact that he didn't want me.. made me want him even more.


3. Chapter 2

***Zayn's POV***

The sun seeped in through my window curtains down on my face. I rubbed my eyes open and looked next to me. Cara was still sleeping, her chest moving up and down softly. I wandered through my thoughts for an excuse to get her to leave. I pointed my finger on one.

"Cara... babe." I whispered into her ear softly.

"Hmm?" She groaned.

"I have to go.. do you want me to get you a cab? I have to meet my mother." I lied to her.

"Oh.. okay." She sat up and slid on her panties. She searched for her dress from last night. "Can I use your bathroom?" She smiled faintly.

"Sure. It's that door right there." I pointed. She nodded and went into the bathroom. I cleaned up the room and snatched my phone off the charger. I texted my friend Danny, asking him if he wanted to get lunch and some coffee. Cara came out the bathroom. I put on my jeans quickly and a random t-shirt along with black combat boots.

"So.." She stood on her tiptoes. "Am I going to see you again?" She looked down at her hands. The sex was amazing. And her blow jobs are the best i've ever had.

"Of course." I picked her chin up with my finger. I kissed the tip of her nose. "Give me your phone." I demanded. She grabbed her phone from her clutch and handed it to me. I punched in my number and called myself. I saved her number to my phone. Definitely won't be the last time i see her.

"Did you call the cab?" She asked me.

"No, I'll call now." I called the cab and told them her address. "They said 5 minutes. I'll walk you down." I nodded at her. She put on her heels and we walked out of my apartment. We waited for the elevator in silence. The yellow car pulled up in front of my building. "I'll text you. It was good seeing you Cara." I hugged her and she walked out the doors. I chuckled to myself. "I'll be keeping her around." I mumbled to myself.

***Cara's POV***

"Kylie? Hey are you home?" I spoke through my phone.

"Yeah, why?" She asked.

"Meet me at Starbucks like right now." I told her.

"Okay!" She hung up quickly. I told the cab driver to leave me in front of Starbucks. I handed him 15 bucks.

"Keep the change!" I told the driver and got out the car. I walked into the Starbucks. A bunch of people were in beach clothes. Seeing them reminded me of how much I miss the beach. I haven't went yet. Kylie and I are suppose to go tomorrow.

"Hi, what can I get you?" The employee asked me.

"A tall caramel frap in a grande cup with extra whip cream please!" I smiled at him.

"3.75 please." I handed him 5 bucks and he gave me my change. I took my drink and sat down at a small table. I crossed my legs and waited for Kylie. She rushed in the door and sat down.

"What? What is it?!" She practically bounced up and down in her seat. I laughed.

"I saw him." I felt my cheeks flush.

"Him? Who's him?!" She gasped.

"Zayn." I sighed.

"What! No way! Did he fuck you?!" She whispered. I nodded.

"It was amazing." I bit on my lip. "He gave me his number." I giggled.

"He so wants you!" She smiled. "I'm so happy for you!" She did a happy dance. I covered my face.

"You're so weird." I laughed. "Are we still going to the beach tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Only but of course! I need to tan!" She laughed.

"I want Zayn to text me already." I whimpered.


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