Enjoy the little things

Hi I'm Noel, if your wondering why my name is Noel it's cause I was born December 25, I'm 19 and have a pretty good life if you ask me, I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire in London with my best friend/sister Che pronounced " Chay " we've been best friends sense potty trained, the house acrossed the street is my other great pal Harry yes THE Harry Styles from one direction and also my boyfriend. Everything is great until one day I find out I have cancer and only have 3 months to live. Read and find out on what happens.


2. What do we do now?

Harry's POV:

We were still in Noel's room when suddenly she asks, "what do you want to do?" It went silent for a minute, darn that's a good question, i thought about it a little more then answered "umm…how about we just relax and have a movie night and order pizza and I can see if the boys are free sense I know you haven't seen them in a while it would be a great time to catch up" "ok sounds good and ill see if Che wants to join" " alright I'll go call the boys while you go and ask Che" "k"

Noel's POV:

I gave harry one last kiss then left my room and went down stairs to go find Che, "CHE?" I yelled through the house "in the kitchen" she yelled back, man that girl and her food, she's always in the kitchen making food, she's like Niall's twin, and the funny thing is sometimes she likes food more than ppl!! "Heey look who finally decided to get up!!" Che said taking a bit out of her beautiful looking BLT "haha yeah" I said scratching my head, i walked over to her and took the sandwich and then took a bit out of her BLT then gave it back and asked with a mouth full "I was wondering Che if you would like to join me, Harry and the boys for a movie night whatcha say?" "Let me just check" she said leaving her sandwich on the counter and walked over to the calendar, and i continue eating the sandwich. when she got to the calendar she lifted the first page dropped it and said "yeah, I haven't seen them in for-ever" she scream "alright meet us in the living room at 6:30" and I walked back up stairs really fast cuz I knew I was going to be in trouble

Che's POV:

'wow she left pretty fast, that's odd' I thought to myself then went to go and grab my sandwich but it wasn't there, "that little food devil she took my sandwich!!" I ran up the stair to her room and bursted right though her door. I see her laying on her bed "sleeping" like nothing happened and a confused looking Harry in the corner, I run over to her bed and tickled her to death " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA STOP HAHAHA OK I WON'T EAT YOUR SANDWICH ANYMORE JUST PLEASE STOP HAHAHAHAHAHA" she begged, "what's going on?" A confused Harry said I stopped and faced him "she took my BLT!!" I pouted "and it was delicious" Noel said and I started tickling her again but stopped when Harry said that the boys can come. YES!! Can't wait!!!!
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