Enjoy the little things

Hi I'm Noel, if your wondering why my name is Noel it's cause I was born December 25, I'm 19 and have a pretty good life if you ask me, I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire in London with my best friend/sister Che pronounced " Chay " we've been best friends sense potty trained, the house acrossed the street is my other great pal Harry yes THE Harry Styles from one direction and also my boyfriend. Everything is great until one day I find out I have cancer and only have 3 months to live. Read and find out on what happens.


7. What about a bucket list?

Harry's POV:
When we got to the room everyone were just talking except for Noel she was sleeping probably the doctor told her to rest "Hey look who's back, Harry we thought you died" Niall said being funny and right away Che shhhed him for being to loud, everyone giggled but Niall "we brought up muffins and chocolate milk for everyone thinking you guys would be hungry" Liam said handing them out, I sat at the corner of the hopital bed and grabbed Noel's hand "how's she doing?"I asked concerned "she's doing pretty good, she's just worried on how much time she has left" Louis said "before you guys walked in, we were talking about what we were going to do so she... Passes noing she's lived life and to make that happen we thought about doing a bucket list and we can put whatever she's wanted to do and plan it out in the time that's she has" Che said "that's a great idea, have you told her yet?" "No we're waiting till she wakes up" Che said again "I see do you think you guys could give me a minute with her?" "Yeah of course" Che Louis Zayn and Liam said getting up but niall just sat there "come on Niall" Liam said opening the door "but I'm not done my muffin!!" Niall said with a mouth full, Che walked over to him and picked up his muffin and ate it "there now your done now let's go" she said pulling him out of the room

Noel's POV:

I felt someone grab my hand and kiss my forehead rubbing the top of my hand with there thumb , i slowly opened my eyes to see Harry looking at our hands, when I squeezed his hand a little he looked up at me, his beautiful green eyes sparkled like diamonds in the sky "heey how you doing ?" "Good for now I'm just scared that's all" "just remember I'm here and will never leave your side and I love you no matter what happens" "I love you to" I said tearing up, and put my head down he wiped the tear right away and lifted my chin "hey don't cry, pick your head up princess your tiaras falling we'll get through this together I promise" i smiled "theres that beautiful smile" and with that I moved over a bit and patted the bed signaling for him to come lay down, he came and laid beside me and I put my head on he's shoulder and closing my eyes, he starting to sing the song beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney, I'm so happy I have a boyfriend as caring and sweet as Harry

Harry's POV:

I was singing beautiful soul to Noel when the door opened and Liam Che Louis Zayn and Niall came in "awww you guys are adorable" me and Noel both blush and I kissed her forehead "have you told her yet?" Zayn asked "tell me what?" Noel asked confused "well we were thinking on making a bucket list so we can spend every last minute we have together so as soon as we find out on how long you have and find out you can leave the hospital then that's when we'll start" Liam said "ok then what are we waiting for let's make a bucket list" Noel said and everyone wooed
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