Enjoy the little things

Hi I'm Noel, if your wondering why my name is Noel it's cause I was born December 25, I'm 19 and have a pretty good life if you ask me, I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire in London with my best friend/sister Che pronounced " Chay " we've been best friends sense potty trained, the house acrossed the street is my other great pal Harry yes THE Harry Styles from one direction and also my boyfriend. Everything is great until one day I find out I have cancer and only have 3 months to live. Read and find out on what happens.


8. The bucket list

The list:
-swim with dolphins
-go to Paris France
-put paint in balloons then have a war
-get back at Louis for his prank
-go to a baseball game and throw the first pitch
-play hide and go seek in Costco
-have a food fight
-do the funniest stupidest things
-buy a coffee and put 10 sugars then see how hyper I get

Noel's POV:

When I was making the list the doctor came in and told everyone that they should let me rest even though i wasn't even tired and to come back tomorrow. So I gave everyone a hug but Harry he got a kiss and a hug "are you going to be ok babe?" Harry asked "yeah ill be fine if I get bored ill text someone" "ok bye love see you in the morning i love you" "love you to" then che came over "do you want me to stay the night with you?" "No I can't let you sleep in thoughts chairs you won't even get sleep if you do, ill be fine" "hhhhh ok if you say you'll be fine than alright bye love" "bye" and Che gave me a hug then kissed me on the cheek and before I knew it they were gone
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