Enjoy the little things

Hi I'm Noel, if your wondering why my name is Noel it's cause I was born December 25, I'm 19 and have a pretty good life if you ask me, I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire in London with my best friend/sister Che pronounced " Chay " we've been best friends sense potty trained, the house acrossed the street is my other great pal Harry yes THE Harry Styles from one direction and also my boyfriend. Everything is great until one day I find out I have cancer and only have 3 months to live. Read and find out on what happens.


3. Movie night changed to messing with Noel

Noel's POV:

It's finally 5:45 and the boys will be arriving in 25 minutes 'what to do, what to do?" I thought to myself, I decided to take a cat nap on the couch.

26 minutes later

Harry's POV:

we arrived at Noel and Che's house one minute late, we got to the front door and waited, it took about 3 minutes until Che opened the door "CHEEEEEEEE" all the boys screamed and had a big group hug "hey guys keep it down Noel's sleeping" she whispered "awww she's so cute when she's sleeping" zayn said I give him a look "she also snores a little" Niall said, we all giggled a bit but not to loud to wake her up "what do we do until she wakes up?" Liam said, we all stood there thinking till All the sudden Lou's face lite up like a light bulb "I've got ideas" he said with a devilish looking smirk

Zany's POV:

"Hey keep it down Noel's sleeping" Che said I looked At her sleeping body on the couch and boy was she adorable she's like a little teddy bear you just want to hug all the time "awww she's so cute when she's sleeping" and as I said that Harry gave me a 'back off bro' look, well then who took the jelly out of his donut, I don't like her like that, and also why would he think that I would do that to him and it would also be breaking the bro code And that would just be plan low if I did that to one of my best mates

Noel's POV:

2 hour later,
'Im so cold, why am I so cold what the hell?!' I thought to myself 'AND WHY CAN I FEEL A BREEZE?! Uh oh' when I opened my eyes I was still on the couch but I was outside in only my bra and underwear with a smiley face on my belly "WHAT THE?!?!" All the sudden I heard laughing coming from the house I look at the window and saw 6 losers looking at me laughing from the window, when they saw me they all ducked thinking that I didn't see them, I than ran to the house as fast as I could before anyone could see me when I got to the living room where they were they were all hiding "alright everyone I no you guys are in here come out" "no we're actually in the kitchen" Liam yelled . as I walked into the kitchen they all started laughing again "which one of you retards thought it would be funny to bring me outside only in my underwear and bra and put a smiley face on my belly?" Louis raised his hand slowly "ok I see how it is boobear but you do realize this means war" I said backing out of the room slowly and decided to go put clothes on. When I got to my room I went to go grab clothes and above the dresser is a mirror "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Che's POV:

wow i thought she was going to take that badly but to my surprise she took it very well but if I were Louis I would watch my back when you mess with Noel it's not pretty when she messes with you it's ten times worse and the bad part is she has more coming. "Uh oh Lou if I were you I'd be scared especially when she backs out of the room and says this means war" Zayn said everyone giggled but Lou, we were all just talking waiting for Noel until "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "I'm guessing she just looked in the mirror" Lou said haha yeah we kinda put make up all over her face to, the up side for her is that she would be a beautiful clown and great for the circus, then we heard the water running

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