Enjoy the little things

Hi I'm Noel, if your wondering why my name is Noel it's cause I was born December 25, I'm 19 and have a pretty good life if you ask me, I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire in London with my best friend/sister Che pronounced " Chay " we've been best friends sense potty trained, the house acrossed the street is my other great pal Harry yes THE Harry Styles from one direction and also my boyfriend. Everything is great until one day I find out I have cancer and only have 3 months to live. Read and find out on what happens.


1. How dare you wake me up!!!!!

Noel's POV:

"RING RING RING" my phone went off "what do you want" I said in my morning voice obviously still tired and mad at the person who woke me up " wow hello to you to" Harry said through the phone "Harold how dare you call me this early!!!" "it's 1 in the afternoon!! anyways will you be a lamb and open your bedroom door for me" "why?" I asked confused " just do it" so I got out of bed and open my door. nothings there, I look around the room and nothing's there "ok is this some kind of joke?" I said though the phone "turn around" so I turn around and see Harry laying on my bed "how in the hell did you get in?!" "the window" I just stood there with my mouth wide open cause my house is a two store house and I have no trees by my window to climb "Ahhh I'm just joking, Che let me in and told me you were still sleeping so I came up to your room and hide under your bed then called you and here I am…miss me" he said with a cheeky smile,(FYI he just got back from tour a day ago), I laughed and walked over to my bed and sat down next to him "miss you?! are you kidding me!! of course i missed you harbear!!) I said then kissed him
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