The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


39. Whoes Leah?

*****Jordens pov*****

As soon as we got off the plane I heard fans screaming the boys names. I covered my ears and laughed. Liam wrapped his arms around me and we walked through the whole airport like that. Yeah it was hard but it was fun. Once we grabbed our luggages and headed to the big black GMC truck, Liam started to act weird. He looked at me and pulled my hood over my head so that nobody could see my face. "Liam what are you doing?" He hushed me and put his sun glasses on me. "You trust me right?" "Yes of course." "Ok then keep the hood and the sun glasses on." I was confused. It was like he was trying to hide me from somebody. He took my hand and guided me through the airport. I was so scared of looking up so i just starred at the floor. Thats when i heard cameras flashing and people asking me questions in different languages. "Leah! Leah look up for me!" Leah? Whoes Leah? I shrugged it off and kept walking while trying not to step on any feet that were in my way. We eventually reached the car and Liam opened the door for me so that I could get inside. Before he closed the door he whispered to me to keep my head down. So i did what he said. Two minutes later the other side of the cars door opened and closed. "Driver please take us to the hotel. Thank you." Once the driver took off Liam took off my hood. I took the glasses off my head and looked at him angrily. "Whoes Leah?" 

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