The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


32. What?!?!

*****Liams pov*****

I woke up to my phone buzzing. I woke up really quick hoping it was Jorden. But when i looked at my phone it was simon. He sent a text message saying we need to talk. I groaned and slowly started getting up. I through my phone across the room so no one else could bother me. I put my face in my hands and stood there looking at nothing. Then i heard more buzzing and looked up thinking simon was probably calling to see if i have gotten up from bed but it was him. It was Jorden. I sprinted across my room and picked up my phone.


Liam: "Hello beautiful."

Jorden: "Hi Liam."

Liam: "Whats up?"

Jorden: "Nothing just wanted to make sure you were going to come and help me move out of the hospital. Its rediculous how much teddy bears i have from your fans. There all so nice and kind."

Liam: "Yeah i do have the best fans in the world and yeah don't worry about it i'll be there i promise."

Jorden: "Ok well i got to go but love you lots and see you later."

Liam: "Love you more bye."

Then i hung up and rushed to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth, took a shower and combed my hair. Ran back out and through on my jeans, a black t-shirt, with my black vans and grabbed my snap back on my way out. I ran to the car and started driving to simons studio. I sang the whole way there but finally i was here. I locked my car and ran inside. At the front desk was a nice woman who goes by the name Anna. "Hello Anna." She looked up and saw me. I smile formed on her face as she got up to give me a hug. "O hi Liam. Simons ready to see you. Go right ahead." "Thank you Anna." I ran down the hall until i reached Simons office. I walked in very casually. "Hey Simon whats up?" He looked up from the magazine he was reading. "We need to talk. Close the door and sit down. "Umm ok." I closed the door and did what he said. "Is there something wrong?" He just looked at me. "Yeah see there actually is." He through the magazine infront if me and there was me and Jorden right on the front page. I rubbed my face. The title said Liam and Jorden back at it again. "Is there something wrong with this?" "Yes there is. Liam the poor girl has amnesia i don't think she should be on the front cover of a magazine." I slouched in my chair and ran my fingers through my hair. "All i did was take her out of the hospital for a day simon. It's nothing big. Plus this was last week so why are we sitting here talking about it now?" He leaned forward in his chair. "First this is a big deal Liam. She's harrys twin sister! You could have anybody else in this world and you chose to fall for Harrys twin sister! Thats why its important!" I got up in anger. "I love Jorden. She loves me. Why cant i just date whoever i want! I let you set me up with leah and look where it got us. Plus what are you going to do! Prevent me from seeing her!" He smiled and stood up. "That's exactly what i'm going to do."

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