The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


1. visiting Hawaii

*****Jorden's POV*****

"Heyy sky wait for me." Sky is my best friend. Her full name is Skylar Myrez but you can call her Sky. Since it was the last day of visiting Hawaii, me and sky thought it would be fun to go night surfing. You know, since we were visiting Hawaii to see my family members. As me and sky got in the car i saw something moving in the back seat. "BOO." Tipical Harry always trying to scare us. "Glad you came to join the fun. Wait did you tell mom you were coming with us." "Jorden who else would mom send you to keep an eye on you." I started to laugh. "Harry, you are only five minutes older then me." Yup thats right me and Harry are twins. We have the same hair color, eye color, everything. Even the curly hair. "So those five minutes still count." As Sky started to press the gas, i thought i would ask Harry some questions. "So Harry, what made you come with us because we both know you didn't come to babysitt me and Sky." He started to smile at us. "Fine, i came to see the hot girls of Hawaii." After he said that, i slapped him over the head with my hand in a playful way. "Hey Jorden be nice. Any ways Harry is your band going to be there." "Of course. You know after all, you can talk to Zayn after we perform and Jorden you can talk to Liam all you want too." "Harry, for the last time i do not like Liam." Ever since the acctindent in 6th grade, Harry swares that i like Liam. I remmember, i was sitting in my desk when all of a suden Liam walked up to my desk and asked me if i had a boyfriend and i said no so he said good and being the stupid person i am i fainted in my chair. "Sure you don't Jorden. Sure you don't." "Guys stop fighgting because we are here." As i pulled down the window everything was so colorful. People had glow sticks,glow necklaces.glow bracelet, glow swim suits and even glow in the dark surf boards. "This is going to be the best time of my life." As i said that i hugged Harry so hard that he couldn't breath. After all if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be here right now.

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