The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


34. The talk

*****Jordens pov*****

"Are you guys ok?" I said to Parker and Darcy as we arrived to my new flat. "Yeah yeah were are fine. Now to buisness... how about some ice cream!" Me and Liam both laughed at Darcys spicyness. I took Darcy out of the car while Liam took Parker out of the car. I walked towards Liam and grabbed his hand. "Can we talk? Please?" He looked nervous. "Umm yeah sure." "Hey Darcy, Parker you guys head in me and Liam will be there in a couple minutes." I watched as they entered the house before i started to talk. "Ok so Liam whats going on with you?" He started to look away. "Nothing i'm....i'm fine. I promise don't worry about me." I touched his cheek gently. "Liam i know you. Please don't turn me away." "Listen." He said in fustration and looked at me with rage. "I'm not turning you away. Trust me you would be the last person i would turn away. It's just that I'm being forced to do something that i don't want to do ok!" "Then don't do it. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do." He laughed. "See that's the problem. I have to do what they tell me to do." "They?" I said in confusion. "Just forget it Jorden." As he started to walk away i grabbed his arm. "Liam.." He turned around and i saw in his face that he wanted to cry. "Jorden promise me one thing?" I went up to him and hugged him. "Yeah anything." It went quite for a second. "Just promise me you won't get mad at me for what ever i'm about to do."

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