The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


20. The second lie

*****Jordens pov*****

"So Jorden, who was that?" I looked at Liam in shock. "It was my umm Cousin from.... the UK." Liam looked at me with anger and fustration. "Your lieing to me Jorden." I put my head down. "Can you just tell me who that was?" "It was nobody." When i looked back up i saw Liams face bright red. "God Jorden why do you have to be so hard headed." I looked at him with anger. "I am not hard headed!" "Yes you are. You have to realize that you can't lie to me. Not even your brother can lie to me. Me and you both know that wasn't your cousin." I got so mad that with out thinking i just blurted out what ever came out my mouth. "Well you know what Liam. I may be hard headed but at least i didn't reck my life over some kid." After realizing what i had just said i covered my mouth in shock. "O my gosh Liam i'm so sorry i didn't mean it." I went over to give him a hug but he pushed me away. His face expression turned to angry and fustrated to sad and depressed. "You know what Jorden? I have to go pack. I'll see you around." He turned around and tried walking into the hotel room until i grabbed his arm. "Liam i said i'm sorry. I just didn't think before i spoke. Please stay. You know i wouldn't mean anything i said." He turned back around and we were now face to face. This time his eyes were red and teary. "You know the thing that really got me ticked off Jorden? Is that you lied to me in my face. I'm sitting here loving you with all my heart and you are here talking away to who knows who. You obviously don't feel the same way about me as i feel about you. I would tell you anything you would want to know and you would tell me nothing. You can't even trust me." He removed my hand gentle from his arm and walked inside the room. I was now alone. By myself. Then i finally realized what Liam had said. He said he loved me with all his heart. I buried my faced in my hands and started to cry. I felt so mad at myself. How could i not know that Liam was the one for me and Collin wasn't . I heard the hotel room door close and wiped my face off all my tears. "See you around Jorden." I heard Liam say while he walked pass me. As soon as he turned the corner of the hall way, I started to cry even more. I slid down the wall and put my face in my hands. How could i let him walk away like that. I sat there for what felt like hours but was actually a couple minutes before i felt a hand on my back.

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