The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


29. The red dress

*****Jordens pov*****

"Ok this is stage one. Transforming that." She said as she pointed her finger at me and moved it up and down. I put my hands on my hips. "Whats wrong with what i'm wearing." I said in a funny voice. "Well it's cute....IF YOUR GOING OUT WITH A NERD! Jorden. Your going on a date with one of the members of a world wide known boy band. You can't just go out looking like that. Every girl wishes they were you. Plus your going out some where fancy." I started looking at the dresses on the rack. "First of all...we are not on a date and second of all which dress should i try on." I lifted two dresses up. One was a tight purple dress with sparkles in the top and one was a black dress that puffed out to the waist all the way down to my knees. "Ugh no those won't due." She took the dresses from my hand and through them behind  the rack. After half an hour later we found a red fitted dress. It was so cute. It another half hour to pick out my shoes and accessorys but i did it. I was wearing diamond stud earrings. I had a gold necklace that said Jorden on it in cursive. Finally, my shoes were an opened toe gold heels with a bow right above my toes. Sky was so surprised that i put on heels. But you have to try different things sometimes. We rushed over to the chair that was in front of the mirror. "Ok lets get started." Right after she blow dryed my hair she curled them to make it look like arianna grande's hair and I have to say my hair did look amazing. As she started spraying down my hair she looked at the mirror and gave me a smirk. "What?" "Well i'm just thinking how much more Liams going to love you when he sees you." I started blushing. "Come on Jorden. Just say it. You have a thing for Liam." I looked at her. "I do not!" She gave me her 'jorden don't lie to me' look. I sighed. "Fine. I do like liam BUT only a little." "No you don't just like him you love him." I couldn't help but smile. Do i love him. I mean that thing that happened at the hospital was by accident. Right? Or thats what I really wanted to tell myself but i knew that everything happens for a  reason. "SHOOT!" I jumped and looked at sky. "What?" "I was suppose to kick you out at 7:00 its 7:10." She looked at me one last time before she pushed me out the door. "Tell me about your date ok." Then she shut the door in my face. Well then what am i suppose to do now. I looked at the floor again but this time the path that i followed when i got here wasn't there and there was a new path. I started walking and with every step i took you would hear a clank from my heels. I kept looking down at the roses. For some reason my eyes were glued to the floor. After a while the pathway stoped where there were a pair of white converse shoes. I looked up to see Liam looking at me. "WOW you look...beautiful." I blushed and looked down. "Thanks." "Shall we.." He said as he reached out his hand. "Only if this time you won't ditch me." He laughed "Never again." I rapped my arm around his and we walked off the stage out of the arena.

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