The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


12. Takeing Miles home

*****Ella's pov*****

I ran up to Jorden and Liam and gave them both a huge hug. "Guys hows Miles is he ok." They both smiled and nodded. I had always knew that Lea was a .. "Waaa Waa" I leaned in to pick Darcy up but when i did, Harry reached out his hands knowing that i was stressed about the twins cause they never stopped crying. "Are you sure you want to take her babe. She hasn't stopped crying since this morning." He looked into my eyes and said "Yeah come on just give them to me. Watch she will stop crying when you give her to her daddy." I put Darcy in Harry's arms and in a flash she stopped crying. While Harry looked at Darcy he said "I know mommy's mean but i promise she won't be this mean when your 7 years old." I laughed and playfully slapped him in his arm. I walked over to Jorden and noticed that she had dried up blood on her arm. "Eww Jorden are you ok?" She looked at her arm and said "Yeah it's just that Lea through some stuff at me that's all." Then she looked at Liam and turned away. "Whats the matter Jorden?" "Nothin." "Jorden i know there is something the matter with you." She started to tear up. "Ella. What if Lea comes looking for me trying to hurt me and if she gets a hold of Miles she would beat him to death." "Jorden i think you should go talk to Liam maybe it will help you." She wipped her tears away."Your right i should go talk to Liam." She started to walk away from me and towards Liam untill she came to a scraching stop.


*****Jorden's pov*****

I stopped in my foot steps. I thought that Liam was talking to Louis but when Louis moved i saw a girl talking to him. She looked very familar. So i walked up to Harry instead. "Hey bro. Hows life." He turned around to see me. He had Darcy in his hands. "O hey Jorden and when have you started useing the word bro it's like me calling you bra. I mean that's to akward don't you.." "Harry." "What" "Did i every tell you that you talk a lot." He started laughing. "In matter of fact i'm pretty sure you told me in 2nd grade." We both started laughing. "Hey can i hold Darcy." "Sure." He handed Darcy to me. She is so small. I started to talk to her as if she was listning. "Hey darc." As soon as i said darc she smiled and did a little chuckle. "That's it i am going to call you darc no matter if your parents like it or not." I hugged her. "So you having fun with Darcy." When i turned around Liam was standing there. I laughed. "She keeps me from getting bored." He smiled at me and said "So um Jorden you know since Lea adopted Miles i have been struggling with trying to take care of him. So i was wondering if you could help me by moving in with me." I was so shocked that i couldn't speak. I've known Liam for a very long time but i would have never expected this. "Jorden please i really need your help." I looked in the window behind him and saw Miles laughing while watching spongebob. I looked at Liam and said "How hard can it be." He picked me up and swung me around. "Heyy be carefull i still have Darcy in my hands." He took Darcy away from me and told her that her aunt was crazy. The nurse came over and said that we could take Miles home when ever we wanted. I had just finished saying good bye to every one when i saw Liam leaning against the glass window looking at Miles. I walked over to him "So, i say that we go to fun spot." He looked at me confused. "It's this place where they have go carts and stuff like that." As soon as i said go carts his face lit up. "Come on lets go." He grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of the door to where miles is. He opened the door and saw Miles standing right in front of the door all dressed up to go. Then he looked at us and said"Come on slow pokes." He grabbed me and Liam's hand and dragged us out of the hospital. At this point there was screaming fans and paparazzi every where. However, the limo wasn't here yet.

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