The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


2. night surfing

*****Jorden's POV*****

As i got out the car to get my surf board, i saw him. I saw Liam. I have to say he is kinda cute. Jorden snap out of it, i came to have fun with sky not to check out boys. I snapped out of it quickly and rushed to get my surf board out of the back of the truck. "Day dreaming about Liam again." "No. Yes." By the time me and Sky were getting out the car, Harry rushed to the boys. So he didn't hear the part about me day dreaming about Liam. Even if i did like Liam, me and him can never be a thing."Just relax Jorden, just pretend he's not here." "Ok, but what if he.." "Jorden no buts.Now come on." As me and sky went to get our glow sticks and stuff i saw harry talking to a girl. "Aww sky look at my brother flirting with that girl." Wait, what am i saying."Never mind, Never mind."After we got our glow sticks and stuff we started to run towards the waves.As me and Sky ran around people, this guy came running across me but when i tried to stop it was to late. I banged into him. Before i fell somebody had catched me. As i got up to see who it was, i saw sky running towards me. "Jorden are you ok." "Yeah I'm fine." When i turned around the person who had cought me was Liam. "Thanks for catching me."I said. "No prob." i started to blush, He smiled at me and said"Hey are you guys going surfing now." I couldn't say anything cause i was still recovering from the fall. So sky jumped in and said,"Yeah you wanna come with us," "Sure lets go. I'll stand behind you guys you know just in case Jorden runs into another person again I'll catch her." Sky laughed and looked at me and said, "Yeah clumsy Jorden." I smiled and we started to head off to the waves. I have to be honest that i haven't surfed a wave in a while. The last time a surfed a wave was when i was 16. "Guys I'm really nervous. i haven't surfed a wave since i was 16." "You'll be fine. Right Liam." Liam looked at me and smiled."Right."


Now we are far from shore and when i mean far i mean far. To late to turn back now. "How about you go with a  partner. Jorden you should  go with Liam to make you less nervous. You know cause i'm not as strong as Liam so if you get stuck under water he can save you." I smiled at the thought of Liam saving me. "Ok." Liam must have saw a wave coming cause he looked at me like we should start paddling. So as we start paddling a feel like we are getting faster. My heart started to race faster and faster. Next thing i knew, i couldn't breath.

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