The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


13. In the limo

*****Jorden's pov*****

As soon as we walked outside there were screaming fans every were. Miles started to get scared and hid behind Liam's left leg. He tug on Liam's pants and as Miles was doing that Liam looked down. Miles said "Daddy I'm scared i wanna go home." I saw the tears coming down his face. Liam started laughing and picked Miles up off the ground and now was carrying him in his arm. Liam whispered in Miles ear "It's ok their just really good friends of mine. I promise they won't hurt you." Miles had stopped crying and leaned his head on Liam's chest. When Miles did that all the girls started screaming even louder. He walked up to some fans and started talking pictures. "Heyy Jorden come over here." I walked over. "This girl wants to take a picture with you." I was shocked. It was the first time that anybody wanted to take a picture with me. I leaned into her and she put her arm around my neck. I felt like i have known this girl just by the way she posed. Liam took the picture. After the picture was taken she told me that i was pretty and really lucky to have a guy like Liam. "O no, see me and Liam aren't dating." She looked embarrassed and said "O sorry i just thought that since it said it on the cover of ok magazine that it was real." I looked at Liam very shocked. I turned to the girl and said "Umm it was on the ok magazine cover." Her face turned red and said "O this is awkward because you didn't know that your face is plastered all over magazines covers." I started to get dizzy when all of a sudden i hit rock bottom.


When i woke up i noticed that my head was on Liam's lap and that i was in the limo. "Hey beautiful you ok." I smiled at him. "Yeah i guess. What happened." "Well one of the fans told you that you were on ok magizine and you fanted." I raised my head off his lap. I looked over at Miles who was playing a video game on Liam's phone.Then Liam's phone started ringing. It was Louis. Miles picked up the phone. "Hello. I'm sorry but i don't have an uncle named Louis. What ever i don't have time to talk to people who are going to give me sass." He tryed hanging up but instead put the phone on speaker. "MILES LEE PAYNE PUT YOUR FATHER ON THE PHONE." "you know what now i don't feel like it." "MILES COME ON. PLEASE PUT YOUR DAD ON THE PHONE. HOW ABOUT THIS, YOU PUT YOUR DAD ON THE PHONE AND I'LL GIVE YOU CANDY." "What kind of candy." "TWIZZLERS." "Nope sorry that was the wrong answer." At this point me and Liam were laughing our buts off. "O COME ON. OK HOW ABOUT THIS, IF YOU PUT YOUR DAD ON THE PHONE I WILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING  YOU WANT." Miles eyes lit up. "Anything?." We heard Louis gulp hard before saying "ANYTHING" he handed over the phone wich was still on speaker phone. "Hello Liam Payne speaking." "DUDE YOUR SON IS AS STUBERN AS YOU ARE." Me and Liam started laughing. "Ok Louis what do you want." "I WAS CALLING YOU BECAUSE ALL OF US WERE GOING TO GO OUT AND I WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU, MILES, AND JORDEN WANTED TO GO." "Hold on louis.." He looked at me waiting for my response. I shook my head no. He looked at me upset and said "Why not." "Well Liam we just got out of the hospital with Miles so why don't you ask Miles if it's ok with him." Liam looked at Miles and said "Hey bud do you want to go some where tonight." He looked confused. "Wait i thought we were going to fun spot." Then Liam went back on the phone. "Hello Louis you still there." "YEAH WHATS UP." "Ok well is it ok if we go to fun spot." "FUN SPOT? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT." "It's this place where the have go karts and..." Louis cut Liam off. "COUNT US IN. WE WILL BE THERE IN A SEC." Then Louis hung up.

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