The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


24. Getting to meet you all over again

******Jordens pov*****

I put my ear up againest the door so that i could hear what Skylar and the so called "liam" boy were doing. All i could hear was muffaling and exchange of words but couldn't make them out. I ran back to the hospital bed a flooped right on it. I laid on my stomach for a very long time and then closed my eyes and took a quick nap. I woke up to strange person talking on the phone. I opened my eyes and saw the boy Liam i saw earlier. I looked around to try to find Sky but she was no where in sight. I slowly started to get up from the bed and thought to my self. ok, if i bring my phone and make a quick dash to the door maybe i'll be to fast and he won't see me. I looked at the door then him and then back to the door. Ready...Set....GO! As i said that in my head i tryed to make a quick dash to the door but before i could even move, my feet got tangled up in the blankets and i landed face first on the hard wood floor. Liam then stopped talking to the person on the phone and turned around to see me on the floor with my feet still on the bed. He rushed over to me and helped me up. I looked at the door quick and decided to try it again. I ran towards the door but Liam beat me there and wouldn't let me leave. I pointed my phone at him like it was some type of sword or something. He looked at me funny and then laughed. I was panting at this point. He walked over to me and put both of my hands that were holding the phone into his and was now cupping my hands in his. "Relax." He said in a calm voice. I didn't know if i should take his advice but i was still very tense. He pulled us both towards the bed while still holding my hands and my phone in his hand. We reached the bed and then sat on the bed while sitting across from each other. He looked down at my hands and opened my hands up where my phone was facing face down. He looked back at me and said "You still don't know who i am, do you?" I shook my head. "No. Sorry." He looked back down at the phone and flipped it over. "Maybe this will help." He said as he pushed the home screen button on my iphone. The first thing that appeared was a picture of me and him and we were both laughing. He smiled and said "This is one of the first things that happened when we came to hawaii. We were at this beach party and you had a surf board and you were so excited to get in the water that you tried running past people. ended up bumping into somebody and then i caught you." I laughed. "Is that what really happened?" He looked at me with a funny face. "Yes.... but why did you ask me like that?" I smiled at him and said "Well it just seems like that part came out of a chick flick movie." He laughed and said "Well don't worry cause it didn't" Liam unlocked my phone with the code that i have been trying to find out for as long as i've been here. "What a second?" He stopped looking at the phone and looked at me. "What now Jorden?" "Well it just seems that you know my passcode and i don't. How?" He smiled and said "Well it's quit easy actually. It's both of our favriote numbers combined. My favorite number is number 29 and yours is 17. So we both came up with the idea to combine our favorite numbers together to create your passcode which was 1278." "Ooooo" Was all i could say. He started to get up and leave the room. I ran after him before he could open the door and tugged on his arm so he could come back in the room. "Where are you going?" I said with a confused look on my face. "I have to go home to mile. But don't worry i'll be back tommorrow." I gave him even a more confused face. "Whoes Miles?" "I'll tell you tommorrow." "Ok." I said with a sad expersion on my face. He opened the door and i closed it and leaned againest the door so he couldn't leave. He backed away from the door with his arms crossed. "Whats wrong now Jorden?" I looked at down at the floor and said "Well i know that i don't remmember you but i feel a lot safer and happier when your around. I don't know....It's just something about you that makes me feel at home." I stopped looking at the ground and looked up at him to see that he was rubbing his neck. I ran up to him and flung my arms around his neck and leaned my head on his chest. "Please don't leave me Liam." I felt him hug me back as he said "I never even left."

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