The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


27. Excited for Collin

*****Jorden pov*****

There were screaming girls every where i looked. I looked at Liam with a very nervous expression on my face. He reached out his hand and he took mine. "It's ok. Just stay close to me." I noded. He started walking out of the elevator and dragged me along. As we walked through the crowd of girls, there was a girl who reached out and took my earplug right out of my ear. I then noticed how loud the girls were actually screaming and i could feel my head throbing very painfully. I stopped in my tracks and let Liams hand go. I started to cover both my ears. I looked to my right and there was a girl screaming my name. I looked at her with a confused face. How did she know my name? I'm pretty sure i've never seen her in my life.. Just as i felt my knees giving out, I saw Liam next to me. He rapped his arm around my back and i rapped my arm around his neck and we ran out the loby and into a black truck. Once we were in the black truck my nerves started to go down. I took the one earplug out of my left ear. "Are you ok?" Liam said as he looked at me. I turned to face him and smiled. "Yeah. But.... is that what happens every single time you come to see me?" He laughed. "Yeah except this time they weren't expecting you to show up with me." "O" Thats all i could say. What did he mean by not expecting me to show up with him? I thought to myself before i looked around the car and saw a magazin on the floor. "Ohh" I reached down to grab the magazin but before i could Liam grabbed it. "Heyy" I said trying to get it back. "You know what. These things are filled with stupid things Jorden. Trust me. You DO NOT want to read it." I looked at Liam whoes face was red and his hands looked like they were sweating. I gave a little smirk. "I see. Is there something in there thats really embarissing about you that you don't want me to see." He gave me a nervous laugh and said "Prfff No. I just...Umm....Think that...When you read one of these you be come stupider...Yeah thats it." I laughed. "Ok then i won't read it." "Thank you." He put it down on the floor and i saw what was on the front cover. It was a picture of Liam and Collin. I screamed in excitment. "Ahh" Liam jumped and so did the driver. "Thats Collin!" I pointed to the cover and started jumping up and down. "I'll take it that you two have met." I said very excitedly while taking Liams hand. "O trust me we've met." Liam smiled as he said that in a very harsh way. I looked back down at the magizin except this time Liam put his foot on the title. "Isn't he the nicest guy ever!" I said as i through myself at Liam. He laughed. "You have no idea. If i could meet him again i would give him such a big hug that i would kill him and rip his organs out one by one and feed them to the sharks. O and don't get me started on..." I got up and looked at him in a weird way. He laughed nervously and said "Just kidding! I really got you there didn't I?!?!" I laughed. "I thought you were serouis. But all jokes aside. I really do hope that you guys could meet again." I but my head in his lap and he started stroking my head. "O trust me i do too." Just as i was about to reach for the magizin Liam yelled "We're here!"

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