The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


14. A not so blast from the past

*****Liam's pov *****

After Louis hung up i asked the limo driver if he could take us to fun spot. "Anything for you Mr.Payne." "Thank you Fredwerd" He tipped his hat. I looked at Jorden. She looked upset. "Whats the matter Jorden?" "I just don't think that i'm dressed to go out." She was wearing a pair of sweats, a hollister shirt, black and red Jordans and her curly hair was pulled back into a ponytail. "Well if you don't think your dressed to go out then i guess we should do a little shopping first." Her face lit up and then she started to frown. "Yeah but the problem is that i don't have money on me." "Don't worry about that. I still need to give something in return for helping me with Miles." She smiled and when she smiled her dimples came out. "Your dimples are showing." Then she started to blush. "But it's even cuter when you blush." I started to lean in to give her a kiss but while she was leaning in she stopped.


*****Jorden's pov*****

Liam started to lean in to kiss me but i stopped and pushed him away gently. I didn't want to fall for a guy at a time like this because i was afraid i would get hurt. Before i came to Hawaii i broke up with my boyfriend Collin because stuff wasn't going to great. One day i was walking down the hall to my locker when i saw Collin talking to somebody. I sat there waiting at my locker when i saw him talking to my friend Carter. I opened my locker and pretened that i was getting my books when i was really watching them. As soon as i closed my locker i saw Collin and Carter making out. I turned around and started to walk down the hall and that's when i started to cry. As i kept walking i felt somebody hug me around my waste. I turned around and saw Collin. Collins face turned from happy to upset. He asked me "Babe whats the matter? Here let me carry your books." As he started to reach for my books i turned the other way so that he didn't get to touch my books. "Babe whats up with you." "You know exactly whats wrong with me. You thought that i wouldn't see you making out with Carter but guess what, i did." I tried walking away but he got a hold of my arm. "Come on Jorden that was a mistake." "O so it's just like the mistake i made being your girlfriend. Yup i understand now thank you for making it clear. You know what Collin. I'm going to be going to Hawaii soon and the last thing i need to be thinking of is you. So with that me and you are through."  I also remember me telling Harry about what happened in the hallway and then Collin and Harry getting into a fist fight after school when i had gone on the bus.

I turned and started looking out the window when all of a suden i started crying. I felt Liam hugging me so i turned back around and dug my face in his chest. He lifted my chin up. "Jorden is everything ok?" "Yeah it's just bad memory's thats it." "Well when your with me and Miles bad memory's aren't aloud. Right Miles." "Right dad." I started laughing when all of a sudden the limo driver said that we had arrived at fun spot. We got out the car and noticed that the gang wasn't here yet so Liam called Louis and asked where they were. They said that they should be here in a couple minutes. So while we waited for them to get here we went to a near by mall. "O Liam look it!!" I pointed to a huge hollister store. "Can we please go inside PLEASE!!" "Fine come on lets go." As we walked inside i saw dresses, shorts, skirts,shirts and even flats.


I went into one of the dressing rooms and tried on one of the sun dresses. It was white with a navy blue ribbon at the waste. I put it on and walked out of the dressing room but Liam wasn't there. As i started walking i felt somebody attack me. When i turned around it was Sky. "Hey Sky." "Hey girl. I really like that dress on you it looks nice." I smiled and said "Thanks. Do you know where Liam is by any chance." "Um i am pretty sure i saw him with miles looking at dresses." I laughed because the only reason he would be looking at dresses is for me. "Um sky can you go get Liam for me please." "Yeah sure." I turned back around to look at myself in the mirror. I took a picture and put it on instagram. It said 'Shopping to go to fun spot with my two favroite boys in the world'. I felt somebody grab my hand and spin me around. "Wow Jorden you look amazing." "Thank you Liam." At this point he had just finished spinning me. He then let go of my hand and stuck out his other hand and said "Shall we." I smiled and said "We shall." Then we started dancing around the fitting room and Liam kept spinning me. But by accident he let go of my hand and I fell into someone elses arms. When I got up from the persons arms I turned around and said "Thanks for..." "Jorden is that you." He gave me a hug but i didn't hug him back. "Yeah Collin it's me."

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