The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


25. A month later

*****Jordens pov*****

I have been in this stupid hospital for a month now and i really wish that i could leave. But the docter said that he wants me to be in the hospital for maybe 3 more weeks which is the minimum. I grabbed the remote from Harry's lap and changed the channel. He looked at me and said "Why did you do that?" "Because i don't feel like watching the news. Plus your not even watching tv." I flipped the channel until i heard the last name styles. I went back a couple of shows and stopped at a lady who was talking about one direction. Harry stopped looking at his phone and sat up straight while listening to the lady ,who seemed to be an interviewer. "Like i said before don't forget to tune in on November 17th to here all the latest gossip about the one and only one direction!" I looked over at Harry who had this big grin on his face. I gave him a playful shove and switched the channel. "Knock knock." I got up and ran to the door. "Whoes there?" I said in a playful voice because i knew exactly who it was. "Hmm i don't know how to responde to that." I laughed and let him in. "Hi Liam." I said as a gave him a big huge hug. "Hello Jorden." He said as he huged me back. "FINALLY! I can leave!" Harry got up from his seat and walked towards Liam. "Sorry that your stuck with this brat." I gave him a playful slap on the head. I opened the door for Harry. "Know leave!" "You see Liam. Ya see what i mean now!" I closed the door as soon as he left the room. "So what am i learning today or should i say who am i learning about today." I said as i walked towards my bed and sat down on it. "I don't know." I laughed as he sat down next to me. Then things got really quiet. "Soo..." I said to break the silence. I looked over at Liam who i can tell wanted to say something but kept changing his mind. "Whats the matter?" I said as I reached over to touch his arm. He looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes. "O nothing just thinking about something." "O" I said before taking my hand off his arm. Before i could do that though he grabbed my arm and looked at me with a really happy face on. "What's that face for?" "Let's go explore while were still here." He got up the bed and pulled me up to. "What?!?! NO! I can't just get up and leave. I'm in a hospitial where the doctor wants me to stay in this room." He looked at me all funny. "Come on Jorden! Your telling me you don't want to have fun! Imagin this! Us walking along the shore of the beach." He then took my hand and started walking around the room with me. "Us eating." He took me and made me sit down on the bed and pretend i was eating with him. "And finally, us dancing." He then flung me towards him. I was so close to him that our chests almost touched. He then started dancing around the room like some weirdo when my feet were to slow and we both tripped and landed on each other. I was on the floor and he was on top of me. He was breathing so hard because of what he just did. He then put his arms in a push up position and looked at me. "Sounds like fun right?" There was something about him that made him really atractive in this one moment. Was it his hair? His eyes? His excitment to be with me? I don't know what it was but he seemed and before i could think of anything he leaned in to give me a kiss and i let him. He kissed me softly on the lips and i injoyed every second of it. That was until somebody started knocking on the door. Liam looked up at the door and then got up. He then looked down at me and helped me up. I smiled at me and then he smiled at me back. He ran over to the door and opened it. "Hello sir, i just heard a very loud noice come from your room and was wondering if everythings alright." Liam looked back at me and then said. "He Jorden are you ok? You fell pretty hard." I laughed and said "Yeah i'm just pretty sure that i'm going to have a bruse in the morning." He turned back to the man and told him that i was fine and that i just took a hard hit. "Well ok but you to be careful ok." "trust me we are." He then closed the door and turned around to look at me. "You know you should try to stay on your feet when your danceing." I laughed. "I'll try." He then reached in his bag and through me a plastic bag. I caught it and said "What's in here?" He smiled and said. "It's clothes. Here up and get dressed. Today we are going on a secret journey!"

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