The girl with the curly hair

Hi my name is Jorden. I'm 18 years old and i'm in 12th grade.I love sports and playing with my brother. O by the way did i tell you that my twin brother is Harry Styles.


7. 7 months later

 *****Jorden's pov*****

Me, sky and Ella all went shopping because Ella was really nervous about having twins. Shes having a boy and a girl. We got in the car and started to drive off. "So Ella have you and Harry thought of baby names." i said that very excitly. I can't believe i'm going to be an auntie. It's so exciting. "Well we thought of a lot of girl names but can't think of any boy names." Sky stuffed her face with a donut and said,"What names have you thought about for the girl." "Well there's Clara, Grace,Eva, Florince, Millie, Rosa, Hazzel and Darcy." When she said Darcy one of the baby's kicked. "O MY GOSH ONE OF THEM JUST KICKED WHEN I SAID DARCY." We all started laughing in excitement. As we got out the car we saw a whole lot of people blocking the entrence of the mall. "O my gosh whats going on." When we walked up to the crowd i saw Liam and his girlfriend trying to walk through the screaming crowd. "Guys we have to go i mean look at how many people are here we should  probably leave." Then Ella said, "I don't care if there's a lot of people here we are getting inside of that mall weather they like it or not." Then without warning Ella started to push me and Sky through the crowd of people. It just so happens that i get pushed into Liam and one of the paperazzi's take a picture of me and Liam looking at each other. "Jorden?" I swollowed hard. Then i ignored him and kept walking. Finally we were in the mall out of harm's way. Ella looked at me like she was surprised. "What was that about Jorden?" "Nothing" "That wasn't nothing, you like Liam and he likes you." "No he doesn't. Can we just stop talking about Liam and shop like we came here to do." "Fine."


We first entered Aeropastle then Holister and then children place to go shopping for the babies. As i looked around the racks of baby blankets a turned around and bumped into somebody. "O i'm sorry I didn't see you.. Wait Liam what are you doing here and were's your girlfriend." "I came to look for you and lea went into delia's." I looked at him and said, "I'm sorry but we can't be seen together or else your girlfriend might.." I stopped right there and wondered why i just had said that. "What do you mean my girlfriend might." He looked at me confused. "Liam i have to tell you something. Your girlfriend threatened me that if i kept talking to you something might happen." He looked really mad. "Wait was that why you said you couldn't talk to me any more and was that the reason why you were crying at the hospital two months  ago." I didn't answer him. "Jorden, please answer me." "Yes Liam thats right. That's why i was crying and told you i couldn't talk to you any more." "I'm sorry Liam a shouldn't have listened to her i should have stood up for my..." He gave me a soft kiss on my lips. His lips were so soft. Then Liam stopped and looked down and saw little kid on his leg.

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