You don't know me

Hi. I'm Aj. So, this story is about me (obviously). I was adopted at the age of 3, and I've been with the CIA ever since then. I am a trained killer and in the top 5 teens wanted in the world. That's right, I'm only 13 and I'vemade it to the top 5 most wanted. I was sitting at the Mill Pond studying my next target, when this one boy walks up to me. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Looks so familiar...


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Hello, love! I'm Aj. Here is just a little bit of background information on me and my life:

I have Blong brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm 13. I am one of the top 5 most wanted criminals in the world. Yes, I havent even had my sweet 16 yet and I'm already in the top 5. Anyway, I was adopted at 3 by a CIA agent and have been one over since. I am a trained killer. I mostly kill for the people who owe money to. But today is different. My boss', Red, yeah, his daughter is obsessed woth this band called One Direction. Most importantly, Niall Horan. She doesnt care for the others and wants them dead. All, except for Niall. I'm in charge of killing the other boy WHILE protecting Niall from, well, myself. Well, that's all I'm allowed to give away so lets start the story, shall we? 

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