Well my names sascha. I am 18 from Australia and have moved to London. Uni is my future and to live a happy life. Until one night, after a 1direction concert, everything tumbles for the worst. Or does it. Yes yes it is terrible!! Being captured by the worlds biggest boy band, now that's different.


6. What did I get my self into...

'Hey babes' one of them said. He looked familiar.
Oh I remember I was bloody kidnapped last night.
'W who are you freaks and what do you want with me?!' I practically yelled.
'Temper young lady.' Another said. He also looked familiar.
'And I'm not a young lady I am 19.' I said proudly.
'So you can drink?' Another said.
I nodded.
'Im Harry, this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. We are one direction, and we I wouldn't call it kidnapped but, bring home what was ours. You were out for 2 days and are now in Manchester UK. you will do as we say or well trouble. Don't run away.' Harry said.
'Y your Harry styles.' I stammered.
They smirked and nodded. 'Oh and this is your bedroom.when we trust you enough you can decorate it and there are one way mirrors. We can see you from our rooms. But you can't see us.'louis said and ran out the room.
'Get some sleep Sascha you have a long week a head of you.' Harry said and kissed my forehead before I drifted off to sleep. This will be a very VERY interesting week.
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