Well my names sascha. I am 18 from Australia and have moved to London. Uni is my future and to live a happy life. Until one night, after a 1direction concert, everything tumbles for the worst. Or does it. Yes yes it is terrible!! Being captured by the worlds biggest boy band, now that's different.


3. Ticket winners

Sascha pov Well the week went quickly and I met Georgia and Trevor's friends, that means one extra person in the week. Her name was Ella Toplin. She was stunning. Brown curls, Big Brown eyes and a great figure. She was really kind to me and I can easily talk to her. Georgia,Ella and I where driving home on Friday when on the radio the radio host announced they were having a quiz about one direction and who ever guessed the most correct answers won 1D tickets for Sunday. We all screamed as we are all fans. Ella picked up her phone and called the station. She was immediately put through to the station and Georgia almost screamed her head off. It took 20mins till all questions were done then, the answer. 'Well Ella, have you got 2 friends that love one direction?' The host asked.'yea.' 'Well I guess you will be having a very interesting phone call with them tonight, you WON!' 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' we all screamed in unison. Ella hung up and put on her serious face. 'Now girls, what are we GONNA WEAR!?' After....... Ella's pov Omg that was so bloody a,amazing! Liam was so hot. I basically melted when he winked at me. Btw front row seats! Sascha pov 'Im Hunnnnnnnngrrrrrryyyyyyyy!' Georgia wailed in my ear. 'Well we can get pizza from Pedros?' I smiled. We drove to Pedros pizza parlor and ordered. 'WHAT!? You can't be out of mushrooms!' Georgia yelled. 'George, calm down! Can we just get two pepperoni pizzas please? Thanks.' Ella said. She gave Georgia the death glare. Did I mention that she has a fierce side? Well she brings it out when Georgia or anyone is rude or crappy. We were waiting for the pizzas watching the tv in the shop. It had on the news: 'GIRL DEAD,WHAT IS THE CAUSE FOR THIS?' Georgia was looking at her self in the reflection of the window. Always gotta look good that girl. Then, I got a punch in the arm. 'George! What was that for?!' Harshly yelled. She pointed to the entrance. Ella almost fainted. Our sexy hot amazing idols had just walked into the same pizza place as us. The concert. ONE DIRECTION. Harry's point of view. After the concert I ran backstage to my dressing room. I was astonished. She's gone. Eliza, shed escaped, during the concert! We had kidnapped Eliza, a 17 girl 6months ago. I know sounds terrible but I was only to have a go with, you know a toy almost. She was beautiful. Long legs, blonde hair and bright green eyes that sparkled. We found her In a club. She danced for us and we took her. She went nuts after about 3months. We went hard. But only really me and zayn. He got the message of what she was. She wasn't our girlfriend. She was in a word. A toy. But Liam got way to attached so I have no idea how he will act now. I loved Eliza more Aswell tho. She just connected wi me when we had Sèx. But she escaped. Zayn and Louis ran in followed by Niall holding five donuts and Liam with a towel. 'Where is she?!' Zayn yelled. 'Gone, she escaped. That's her done.' I said. Liam walked away. Ouch! That shouldn't have hurt though. None of us should have connected to her with'love'. "Oh well, lets get something to eat then.take our mind of it" Louis said. He even looked hurt. And he didn't even touch Eliza!!!!!
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