Well my names sascha. I am 18 from Australia and have moved to London. Uni is my future and to live a happy life. Until one night, after a 1direction concert, everything tumbles for the worst. Or does it. Yes yes it is terrible!! Being captured by the worlds biggest boy band, now that's different.


4. Pizza, life, gone.


We drove to our fave pizza place. Pedros pizza parlour.
Wow brings back memories. We were still trying to find a new girl.
To skimpy, hate her hair, nose is weird. We just couldn't agree on a girl.
We walked in and there were 3 girls. All beautiful but one stood out. Reddish hair, brown eyes, her body, God amazing! I turned and saw the boys faces. Priceless. Niall almost didn't swallow. That's a first.
We sat at a table as we already ordered on the phone. The tv. GIRL DEAD, WHAT IS THE CAUSE FOR IT?. Eliza. We new it. I knew it. Liam looked down. Ashamed I guess. I did feel guilt but not cos I almost fell for her. But cos she died tonight while escaping.
Louis POV

she was stunning. Like bloody gorgeous.
She turned to face us when her friend? I don't know nudged her towards us. I looked down and saw there t shirts. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. They were fans. I hated the idea of this kidnapping but I liked how we got to see beautiful girls.
(AUTHORS NOTE: none of the boys have girlfriends in this.)
Sascha's POV

'Its them?!' Georgia yelled.
'Go get a pic them.' I said. She looked at me like is was dumb. 'Only if you take the pic and Ella's in it.' 'FINE' I agreed. 'Ella! Get your bum over there!' I yelled. She just obeyed. Yes everyone obeys the queen Hipsta!
I saw Georgia ask for a pic and they gladly had one.
Then I saw harry whisper something in Georgia's ear. Then boom! I'm dragged into the picture while ella asks the man to take the picture. 'Ok guys goofy, want us to kiss you cheeks? Or just smile?' Harry asked. Oh god I just figured I'm sitting on his lap. 'KISS!' Georgia almost said to quickly. 'Wait there are three of us and five of u.' Ella said. 'Ugh ell,Liam sit there, then Ella then Louis then Sascha then harry then me then zayn then niall can kneal down and can pose funny. There.' Georgia said positioning every one. So Liam kissed Ella who blushed. Zayn kissed Georgia who gladly smiled. Louis and Harry kissed me. Wow I actually could sense the jelioucy for some reason. Then niall, poor niall my wittle Irish boy. The pic looked great. We were about to leave when I ran back and whispered in nialls ear.'you missed yours' and he smiled and I kissed his cheek. I could hear the yells why niall got a kiss and what I whispered. I smirked and we drove to my hotel.
They dropped me off and I walked to my door. Fiddling with the handle.
Then a hand wrapped around my mouth and a warm breath came on my neck. 'Its ok'. British wow never saw that coming in LONDON! I aimed for the lower region. And I must have been spot on As the grip on me loosend. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. Unfortunately. I ran into a dead ally boom my night started out great. Concert. Pic with my idols then almost get what robbed......
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