Well my names sascha. I am 18 from Australia and have moved to London. Uni is my future and to live a happy life. Until one night, after a 1direction concert, everything tumbles for the worst. Or does it. Yes yes it is terrible!! Being captured by the worlds biggest boy band, now that's different.


2. Meeting up

*Saschas POV*
The university is a dull grey building with signs all over it. I walk up to the entrance door when something hits my shoulder.'oi, watch were your going!' Someone shouts at me.a boy, brown hair in a scruff, green eyes and a slim body. 'Oh my good I am so sorry I thought you were someone else!' He says. 'Trevor, Trevor brown.' I look up smiling and shake his extended hand.'Sascha,sascha Higgs' 'what subjects have you got? We might have the same.' Trevor sas smiling.'by the way you are my new friend' he adds. 'Ugh we have science and English and I accept you request to be my glorious friend.' He winks and leads me to the auditorium. 'Well unfortunately I must leave as this junk has to pee.' He says and walks off into the crowns of people. I sit down taking out a pen and note pad. I have my back pack on Trevor's seat so it is permenetly saved. But I forgot the seat next to me isn't. Boom! A beautiful blonde headed girl sits next to me.'i am Georgia. I am Trevor's now second friend and would gladly be your bestie as I don't think you want a guy as your BFF. I need a normal crazy girl friend to hang with so......' I smiled back at her and hugged her. Why the fudge did I hug a stranger?! God to many weetbix this morning! 'Sascha,sascha higgs and I also accept your request as I am not normal and crazy but both combind!' 'I know that this is gonna go well'' and with that the class started.
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