Well my names sascha. I am 18 from Australia and have moved to London. Uni is my future and to live a happy life. Until one night, after a 1direction concert, everything tumbles for the worst. Or does it. Yes yes it is terrible!! Being captured by the worlds biggest boy band, now that's different.


5. I got what!?!

I turn around to see a man. Well I can't tell cos of the darkness but he was taller than me and had a mop hair do. 'W-w what do you want?' I said. 'Aw baby, it's ok just relax and this will be fine.' He said. Huh also British.'no! I am not coming or going anywhere with you or your gang' I yelled. Bad choice. He whistled. Then two other manly figures came out at me. One held my Wrists together, the other put a cloth in my mouth. I took that to stop me from screaming and probably had sleepers in it.(drug) 'breath, baby' god what is it with theese Brits. I shook my head. The first man came up to me and plugged my nose. 'Breath!' He said harshly. I did. With that I blacked out.

I woke up in a bed. With 5 men, well teenage boys looking at me, with smirks
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