Nice to meet you

What happens when Harry already has the girl of his dreams, he fell in love with her at first sight and they've been together ever since. She is everything he could ask for, she's beautiful, talented and liked by everyone. But what happens when she introduces him to her sister who is the complete opposite, has he fallen for the wrong girl? (15+)


7. Chapter 7

“Are you going to invite me in?” she asked giving out a small laugh.

I shook my head “Yeah sorry come in” I opened the door wider.

She looked at me, a smile playing at her lips as she walked past me, I followed her leading her to the living room. I stopped by the door preparing myself, I needed to pull myself together. Lexi pushed me into the living room and introduced me.

“Harry this is my father Klaus” she smiled at him. I shook his hand firmly before moving backwards, he had a crazy look in his eyes which scared me.

“This is my beautiful mother Shelly” Shelly brought me into a hug squishing me.

“It is so nice to meet you Harry” she smiled widely.

“You too” I returned the smile.

I looked at her sister waiting for her introduction.

“And this is my sister Jamie” she pointed at her.

I smiled and held out my hand for her to shake it. She raised her eyebrow before shaking my hand, I shivered at her touch.

“It’s Jay” she corrected her before looking back at me.

“It’s nice to meet you Jay” I said calmly.

“And it’s very nice to meet you” she smiled letting go of my hand.

I continued to stare at her before Lexi interrupted my thoughts “Harry why don’t you set the table?” she asked.

She sat down on the sofa chattering happily to her parents, she didn’t seem nervous at all. What was she so nervous about they seem fine?

“I’ll help” Jay said.

I nodded walking into the kitchen, I showed her where the cutlery was.

“So you’re the mystery guy dating my sister” she said from behind me.

I turned around to face her “I wouldn’t really call it a mystery” I shrugged.

“Mm” she muttered before taking out 5 forks and 5 knives.

I smiled as I showed her the dining room, she lay out the cutlery on the table. I shook my head Lexi had a certain way of doing it.

“That’s not how it’s supposed to be done” I said.

“There’s a right way of setting the table?” she looked back at me questionably.

I laughed “I don’t know but there is Lexi’s way.”

“Hmm” she nodded her head. “Well why don’t you show me” she said softly.

“Okay” I said my voice shaking.

I rearranged the table until it was perfect, I smiled once satisfied.

“So Harry tell me about yourself” she said sitting down.

“I’m sure you probably know a lot about me” I answered.

“Well I think we’ve established that I don’t read any papers, so let’s start with an easy question what is your favourite colour?” she asked.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Does it look like I’m kidding?” she said her face cold.

“Blue, what about yours?”


I laughed at her choice of colour.

“Were you expecting a different colour?” she asked.

“Yeah something like Black or Grey…”

“But neither of them have any colour? They are dull and boring.”

I agreed.

“Well now that we’ve got that settled I think we should join the others” I said moving away from her.

“Why?” she tilted her head.

“We’ve been out here a long time.”

“And?” she asked.

“Well…” I didn’t have an answer.

She laughed “Do I make you uncomfortable?” she asked.

“No” I said bluntly clearly a lie.

“So what has Lexi told you about me?” she said changing the subject.

“Honestly, nothing.”

She nodded “Interesting.”

“Well there was one thing” I said shyly.

“Which was?”

“That you almost got married to a tramp” I shrugged.

Her expression slowly changed, the coldness vanishing completely. Her face turned to sadness I had obviously hit a nerve.

“You’re right we should get back to the others” she got up off the seat.

I grabbed her arm “I’m sorry.”

She looked down at my hand resting on her arm and then back to me.

“But what are you sorry about, you weren’t the one to say it?”

“No but I shouldn’t have said anything” I frowned.

“It’s fine I know what Lexi thinks about him, she made that very clear to me the day she left.”

Jamie’s POV

There isn’t one day where his name is not mentioned, constantly reminding me of what I have lost. But I was surprised at the fact Harry was the one to bring him up.

“Why did she leave?” he asked.

She clearly has told him nothing about us, I smiled shaking my head.

“I think that’s something you and her need to discuss” I replied.

“She never talks about it, says it’s too painful.”

“Painful for who?” I asked in disbelief.

“Her obviously” he said sarcastically.

I laughed at his sudden confidence, oh how wrong he is about her.

“Right” I said.

“What happened?” he asked again.

“She couldn’t handle things not being about her” I shrugged.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly how it sounds, her whole life she has had everything her way. I was just in the background a distant figure. But when James died my parents focused more on me to my surprise and this pissed her off.”

“Who’s James?”

“The tramp I almost married” I said coldly.

His face said it all, letting me know I have officially made it awkward. Harry has made a somewhat effect on me, something that didn’t settle easily in me. I studied him his dark brown curls hanging from his head. His bright green eyes piercing through me, he smiled looking back at me. Why is it that after all these years the one guy to make an impression on me, make me feel something again is my snobby sister’s boyfriend?

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