Nice to meet you

What happens when Harry already has the girl of his dreams, he fell in love with her at first sight and they've been together ever since. She is everything he could ask for, she's beautiful, talented and liked by everyone. But what happens when she introduces him to her sister who is the complete opposite, has he fallen for the wrong girl? (15+)


37. Chapter 36

I’m back home away from her and already I feel like shit. It’s been just over a day, she hasn’t texted or called. I tried ringing her phone again to see if she would pick up.

“Hi its Jay here, leave a message after the beep…”

I sighed putting my phone back down, no luck.

Louis came over unannounced. I wasn’t sure if it would be awkward with us after everything.

“Hey” I smiled.

He rolled his eyes and hugged me.

“Err Louis?”

“You alright?”

I shrugged “I suppose.”

“How was the weekend?”

“Weird” I laughed, “but good, definitely good.”

“Good, Niall and I have had to deal with Liam and Zayn all weekend with their girl’s” he chuckled.

“You’ll get yourself a girl Louis, eventually” I added.

“Thanks for the support, so what are you doing here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well why aren’t you with her?”

“I needed to come home at some point.”

“Oh come off it, we both know you hate it here. Man up and go to her,”

“Since when have you become the expert?” I asked in disbelief.

He shrugged “I may not be an expert with myself, but with others I sure am” he smiled.

“I don’t know if she wants me there.”

“It’s obvious she’s crazy about you Haz, grow some balls.”

I sighed “fine, I’ll go.”

“Good, now I’ll see you later.”

“Oh and Louis?”


“You didn’t happen to hear anything about the texts?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“On Jay’s phone, she’s been receiving texts from an unknown number.”

He raised his brow “that’s weird huh, take it to Ryan he’ll find out who it is.”

“Okay thanks.”

Jamie’s POV

Countless bottles of alcohol surrounded me. I stumbled off the bed tripping over one of them. My head aching my eyes squinting to avoid the light. Harry’s gone and I’ve already messed up. I thought the texts would stop, but they haven’t they will never stop. Why won’t Jake leave me alone?

He came to see me earlier. He knocked and knocked and knocked. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t I felt too betrayed by him. Another text appeared on my phone, I groaned picking it up.

Why can’t you face the truth Jay? I’m alive and you’re mine – Unknown.

For once I was certain I was not James’s, I was not Jake’s I was Harry’s. It couldn’t be more of a shock for me to admit that. But no one can make me happy but him, I’ve accepted James is dead. Harry is here and he is now. What if James was still alive? Maybe I would still choose Harry.

The buzzer rang. I peeked out the window to see if it was Jake again. Lexi tapped her foot looking up at me. I let her in and waited by the front door. She walked past me her face cold.

“What do you want Lex?”

She looked around “Oh dear Jay, has he dumped you already?”

I shook my head “no.”

“Then what’s all this?” she pointed to the bottles.

I shrugged.

“I want to warn you about something.”

“Really, since when have you ever cared about me?”

“I do care,” she said confidently. “It’s about Jake, he…”

“I know what you’re going to say, we’ve spoke.”

“Then you will know it’s all lies, he’s delusional.”

“It’s not a lie Lex, I know it’s him.”

“Wait what?” she looked at me confused.

I closed my eyes “I’m done talking about it, please go away.”

“Fine, but we’re okay right?”

“We’ve never been okay” I laughed.

“Right” she said awkwardly leaving.

I threw myself on the sofa pressing my face into the cushion. The buzzer went again, I groaned pulling myself up. My heart thumped through my chest when I saw the dark curls. I ran down the stairs leaping into Harry’s arms.

“You came back” I whispered nuzzling my face into his neck.

“I don’t want to leave you” he looked at me before bringing his lips to mine.

“I’m glad you came back” I smiled kissing him back.

“Well you going to invite me in?” he laughed.

I nodded pulling him inside. He frowned taking in the state of my apartment. He picked up one of the bottles and put it in the bin.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologise Jay,” he smiled kissing me again. “I’m here now, everything’s okay.”

If only it were that simple.

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