Nice to meet you

What happens when Harry already has the girl of his dreams, he fell in love with her at first sight and they've been together ever since. She is everything he could ask for, she's beautiful, talented and liked by everyone. But what happens when she introduces him to her sister who is the complete opposite, has he fallen for the wrong girl? (15+)


28. Chapter 27

Flashes came from every direction, my eyes squinting to see clearly. Louis’s hand grasped my side as his arm wrapped around my waist. The smile on his face could have melted so many hearts, but not mine. We walked inside to a room filled with guests, I recognised some of them but couldn’t make out any names. Years ago I would never have been caught dead at a party like this, but I guess things change.

“Let me introduce you to some people” Louis whispered.

Showing me off like I was some sort of trophy, but he should know I didn’t belong to him; I didn’t belong to anyone. After many meetings I left Louis by himself for a while, making the excuse I needed to use the restroom. Harry caught my eye for a second before he disappeared, I looked around the room for him but I couldn’t make out his face.

“Looking for someone?” he whispered.

I turned around and he was gone, what the hell? I noticed a shadow across the room going down a long hallway which was practically empty. I followed in search for him, when I was tired of playing games he finally revealed himself.

“I guess I found you” I laughed.

“I guess so” he smirked.

I lent on the wall as he did the same, we stared at each other for a while.

“What happened with you and Lex?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it” please can we talk about something else other than fucking Lexi?

“You hit her?”

I nodded “Damn right.”


“Because the bitch deserved it” I shrieked.

He frowned looking down at the floor, I sighed moving closer to him.

“You deserve so much better” I said slowly.

“Who you?” he asked looking up at me.

I shook my head “No not even me, someone far better.”

“And if I don’t want that?”

“Then that’s your choice, even if it is the wrong one” I shrugged.

A brisk wind flew past me as I noticed his hand touching mine, my hand curled with his as I moved an inch closer. Our noses almost touched his breath warm on my neck. His eyes remained on mine as my other hand pressed against his side.

“Jay you down there?” Louis called out.

Harry dropped his hand as he closed his eyes shaking his head. I instantly moved away from him pressing up against the wall opposite.

“Jay?” the voice came closer.

I knew Harry and I no longer had much time, sadness overwhelmed me.

“So you and Louis?” he asked.

“What about us?”

“You are like a thing?”

“You really think that, after we’ve just met?” I asked tilting my head.

“Well you slept with that guy Jude after you just met” he said coldly.

A punch to my gut as his words hit me, I stood up and tried to think of the words to say.

“Well maybe I should sleep with him then, you know after all that’s what everyone expects right?” my words making him wince.


“Save it for someone who gives a crap” I growled walking away from him.

Louis met me halfway down the hall, my hand grabbed his yanking him away from everyone. Maybe I should be the girl everybody thinks I am do the things everybody expects. Louis was stunned at my actions but not scared, he was sort of enjoying this. Once back at his I kissed him, his arms locked around me.

Harry’s POV

I hit the wall, what the fuck is my problem? She didn’t deserve that, god I am such a dick. She’s going to have sex with him, the thought sickened me to my very core. This couldn’t happen, not if I had anything to do with it. I made my appearance smiling at everyone as I crossed the room, half running half walking. Lexi looked at me confused as I sped walked, I simply waved and carried on. The journey there was long and agonising, what if I’m too late? Should I let myself in or knock? Probably best to knock avoid awkward confrontation.

Louis answered the door “What’s up bud?”

“I need to speak to her.”

He nodded opening the door for me, have they had it already? She was sitting on the sofa, a cigarette in her hand.

“Can you give us a minute?” I asked him.

I noticed the lipstick on his lips, my nails dag into my hand as I clenched my fists.

“You actually did it?” I shrieked.

“Huh?” he asked confused.

Jay stood up “One sec” she said to him before pushing me out the house.

“I know what I said was out of line, I know I am a dick. But for you to actually, if you cared then you wouldn’t…”

“If I cared? Surely if you cared you would never have said those things, you would stop pushing me away.”

“Do you think I enjoy pushing you away? I don’t know if you realise how much shit I am in Jay, you are sisters with my girlfriend. But when I look at her…” I closed my eyes. “I can’t help but think of you, when I touch her I imagine what your skin feels like.”

Her body trembled “But?”

“For once there are no buts, I know what I need to do but it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because you and Louis…” the words wouldn’t come.

“Nothing happened Harry, yeah I mean I kissed him. Something could have happened quite easily, but the truth is I don’t want him. I don’t want another version of you, I want…”

“What do you want Jay?”

She sunk to the floor “It doesn’t matter what I want.”

I sat down next to her my leg leaning on hers, “yes it does.”

“I want the pain to stop, I want to move on and fall in love with someone. I want the guy not to be involved with my sister.”

“What if he wasn’t with your sister?” I asked.

“You don’t know what you’re saying” she shook her head.

“My mind has never been so clear, for the first time in a long time I know what I want” I admitted.

She closed her eyes a tear fell from her eye, my hand comforted her leaning against her cheek. I didn’t care what happens next, I brought my lips to hers. Her lips fitted perfectly with mine as she kissed me back her tongue skimming over my bottom lip. It was more aggressive than anything, we both wanted this our bodies couldn't deny that. Her hand pressed against my neck as she pulled me close to her. I pushed against her my hands trailing up her back, she groaned as I sucked her neck.

“Harry” Lexi screamed.

I froze my head turning towards her, oh shit.

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