It's What You Do To Me

** Sequel to Tommo Twins ;] **
Alexandria (Lexi) Is now 17 she's got the best life any Junior in High school could have... Well until Travis McCrow, her stalker, Corey Smith, her best friend, and Micheal Devine, a family friend fall for her. She tries her best to keep it at the friend zone using family advice, Twitter, and even talking to them about it. Choosing between 3 guys is tough especially for Alexandria Rose Horan.


5. Chapter 5


"Alexandria. Will you please show the class how to do the equation?" Ms Harris asked. My eyes widened. I haven't been paying attention. "Um... Erm..." I'm lost. "Exactly, Travis explain." She said. I rolled my eyes. To her I'm an idiot. "Good job. Now Alexandria come to my desk-" Again she was cut off by the bell. I smile rushing out the classroom. Suddenly a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Guess who!" A voice said. "Corey!" I say with a grin. He removes his hands giving me a kiss. "Bleh! Get a room." Travis says covering his eyes. "Awww! Look at that you two are soo cute!" Phoebe squealed. I giggled, I think we look pretty cute together. Together we all walk off to lunch.



 I wait outside my house for Corey to pick me up for school. And even better, it starts raining. Thunder, lightning, could this day get any better. "Babe!" Corey calls running up to me. "I'm so sorry, my car broke down." He apologized. "It's okay." I shiver as we start walking. He wraps his jacket around me. I look up at him and smile. He stops walking and looks down at me pulling me closer to him. In the rain, he kisses me with passion. "Kiss in the rain... Very romantic." I blush. We continue walking with our hands intertwined. 



Quietly I sneak into Corey's bedroom. We skipped school...  I fall onto the floor as I climb out the window. Corey snorts helping me up. Wrapping my legs around his waist, he kisses my neck. I run my fingers through his hair. He stops kissing me when he reaches my jawline. "Movie time!" He shouts placing me on his bed. He puts in The Little Mermaid. Together we sit and watch movies all day.



Sorry for the short chapter, My b-day is on Friday!! Turning 19!!!!!! xx

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