It's What You Do To Me

** Sequel to Tommo Twins ;] **
Alexandria (Lexi) Is now 17 she's got the best life any Junior in High school could have... Well until Travis McCrow, her stalker, Corey Smith, her best friend, and Micheal Devine, a family friend fall for her. She tries her best to keep it at the friend zone using family advice, Twitter, and even talking to them about it. Choosing between 3 guys is tough especially for Alexandria Rose Horan.


1. Chapter 1

"Lexi!" Travis whispered throwing paper balls in my hair. We were in the middle of Algebra and he just decides to bother me. "Psst." He continued. I turned around showing how annoyed I was. All that did was cause him to spread a grin across that ugly face of his. "You an me, tonight?" He asked for probably the hundredth time. I rolled my eyes turning back around returning to the lesson. I looked at the clock seeing that there was only 2 more minutes left. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate from by back pocket. Quietly taking it out I looked to see a text from Daddy. 

Daddy: Hey Lovie Lexi, mum and I won't be home for a few days we're taking a vacation and of course Uncle Zayn will be coming around every once and a while, love you baby girl.

I love the way he calls me Lovie Lexi. "Alexandria would you like to tell me what I just said?" Ms. Harris asked. "You know what you said." I sassed. Yeah.. I can be a bit of an ass sometimes, I get it from Uncle Louis. "Young lady-" She was cut off by the bell. I almost never get in trouble for what I do because of that lovely bell. "Ms. Lexi may we speak?" Mrs. Harris sternly asked. I rolled my eyes walking over to her desk. "It would be nice if you weren't so sassy a times." She stated. "It'd be nice if I weren't here." I mumbled. She nodded writing me a detention slip. "Today a 5:15. Be there or I'll have no choice but to put it your clean record." She said. "What?! This is my first detention this can't be happening!" I panicked. If I screw up I won't be able to get into a good collage and end up with a job worse than shit! "Like I said, I won't put it on your record. Just watch yourself." She reminded me. I nodded walking out the door. "You little bad girl!" Corey, my older friend teased. I rolled my eyes opening my locker. "It's not even going on my record King Of Detention." I teased back. He was well known for getting LOTS of detention through the school. "I've actually got detention today.. And so does Matt." He informed me. Max is only the hottest boy in school and I must have him. I blushed, I've always told Corey everything. He's always been like my brother even when we fight he comes back like any brother would.

We both headed off to lunch together, As soon as we walked through the doors Corey decided to get himself in trouble.. Again. "Look at the cute little Freshmen!" He teased walking over to a table of Freshmen to do nothing but harass them. With a smile on my face I rolled my eyes, typical Corey. I sat down at my usual table with a bunch of my 'Followers.' "Lexi is it true you got detention?" Phoebe asked. I nodded. "Mrs. Harris caught me at my bitchy moment." I responded. "When are you not in a bitchy moment?" She giggled. I laughed along, it's true I'm well known for being a sassy smart ass bitch. Travis sat in front of me making everyone stare. Great, more attention.. "Looks we've got a detention date." He chuckled. "Do you ever just.. Ya know, fuck off?" I asked him. He shook his head with a grin and got lost in the crowd of Freshmen. 


**End of the day**

"You going home?" Corey asked. "Nah, no point in going over there then coming back again." I told him. He nodded. Uh- oh. I spotted Travis from a distance. "Quick hide me." I ordered Corey. He carried me over his back and ran next to Matt hiding me him. "Oh, look who got detention." Matt noticed. I rolled my eyes. "She was being a smart ass to the teacher." Corey explained for me. "Well you know, there's only room for one smart ass." Matt joked pointing to himself. The teacher came outside to gather us all up for detention. She took attendance as we took our seats. And how ironic, Travis sat next to me. I rolled my eyes and sunk into my seat. "Change your mind Lexi?" He asked. "Obviously not." I spat at him. "Why are you even pissed at me?"

I really don't know why I'm mad at him. Maybe its cause he's an ass to most people.. Thats my job. Oh, its the fact that he likes to play girls and suddenly I'm on the list. "I am Alexandria May Horan, don't think you can get to me with your dirty little games okay!" I spat at him. "Feisty.. I like that." He whispered in my ear. I looked at him and his blonde hair, his clear grey eyes. What am I doing!? "I'll be right back class. No funny business." The teacher said. Pfft, like that won't happen. She left the room and everything went wild. Students sitting at her desk, others sitting on tables. "None of that's true about me." Travis said. "All that bullshit about me playing girls, I don't know how it started but when I moved here last year people started talking." He admitted. I looked at him and saw honesty and innocence in his eyes. "Then why'd you let them say that about you?" I asked. He sighed. "The more I tried, the more it grew." He responded. "I'm really sorry Travis.. I didn't know." I apologized. He turned back to his desk in silence. Just before I could say more the bell rang dismissing us from detention. I really do feel bad...

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