Us and the new boy(One Direction story)

sophia and her friends Lilliana,Nevaeh,and Eva were all siting at lunch talking about how all but one of the guy's from one direction go to there school. but as they were watching the lunch room doors they noticed the new kid everyone was talking about was Niall.The others were dating one of the guys but me i was single, now what are the girls gonna do? are they gonna get niall and sophia together? or is it gonna end in disaster


3. We meet again

Niall's p.o.v.

i was walking to the address she gave me all i could think is what if her parents hate me for some reason but i made it to her front door and just tried to let them worries all go away. I knocked on the doors a couple times and then she opened.

sophia's p.o.v

i opened the door to find niall standing at my front door he said hello and i invited him in. first thing first i introduced him to my parents i think he proved to my dad to be a good guy but we just kept saying we wanted to be friends but really i kinda wanted to be more and i could feel not only i did but he did to i hope he talks to my father about it my father don't like when guys don't ask to date his daughter but at least he cares a little 

niall's pov 

it was a hour since i arrived at there house and her family seemed nice but i felt that she had something on her mind at the time and wasn't talking about it just keeping it in her head so that she is to remain quiet about it because she don't want people to know well her and her mother left the room and i asked her father if it was okay to date her because i didn't wanna just start dating her with out permission.

sophia's pov

my mother took me up stairs and started putting me in a really nice out fit and helped with my make-up and hair i walked down the stairs and niall was there waiting and asked me to go on a walk with him i said yes because u can't just turn down a nice cute guy that everyday you see you wish you could be with him every day. we walked out and was walking down the street getting weird stares from everyone we finally made it down to the park and there was a lake there and we crossed to the little island over the bridge and i was scared of what he was gonna ask and or say to me. when he asked me out i was so exited and i jumped strait up to kiss him and it was just the most amazing feeling of my life.

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