Us and the new boy(One Direction story)

sophia and her friends Lilliana,Nevaeh,and Eva were all siting at lunch talking about how all but one of the guy's from one direction go to there school. but as they were watching the lunch room doors they noticed the new kid everyone was talking about was Niall.The others were dating one of the guys but me i was single, now what are the girls gonna do? are they gonna get niall and sophia together? or is it gonna end in disaster


2. Theres a new kid?

Every bodies talk was how at our school there was a new student today. I didn't really wanna believe it even nevaeh Lilliana and Eva was talking about him.we were all just walking around school and then i noticed someone different in my math class with them 

"Hey lilliana is that him?"i asked

"yeah he super cute aint he"she asked

"yeah only if i new him" i said sarcastically not wanting to bother on the subject of integers we were being taught

"i think you guys would be cute"lilliana said suddenly 

"maybe"i told her

"well theres lunch"

the rest of the day went fast it was time for lunch and it was just us the gang today the boys decided to sit with the new kid till Eva noticed who he was. but as she said that they all walked up and was talking to the girls and it felt strange i was always silent around them because i have no reason to talk to them. they ended up sitting at lunch with us and the new kid sat next to me i didn't wanna make a awkward conversation so i kept quite and soon enough the bell rang to leave lunch. I was at my locker getting my books and the new kid walked up to me

"hey I'm Niall"he said

"I'm sophia"i told him 

"nice name.i wanted to talk to u during lucy but it felt weird"he said 

"yeah i know but i have to go now so by"i said 

i walked slowly away hopping not to be chased by him and i wasn't luckily soon it was time to go home and niall came back up to me and asked for my number and of corse i gave it to him like a idiot(remembering mom said no strangers) he soon asked if we could hang out some time and i said sure to that to oh god why did i. i walked home and called nevaeh

'oh my gosh nevaeh i gave him my number'

'really thats good'

'not really nevaeh'

'yeah but i gotta go mama wants me'


i thought to my self and thought i could really be falling for him and soon enough i got a call from him

'hey can i come over'

'sure if you wanna face my parents'

'whats so wrong with them'


but yet i told him he could come over and he did he met my parents of course my father was not happy i invited a boy to his house but mother on the other hand loved him. 

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