Another World

Alaina is your typical Fan-Girl living in London with her bestfriend and new roomate Gracie... When Alaina meets her and Gracie's favorite One Direction Boy; Niall and gets intimate what will Gracie think.? Jealousy.? What will happen to Niall and Alaina.? WARNING: Sexual Situations, Strong Coarse Language. Mature readers only. If you are under 15 and think you can handle it you may read.. Don't say I never warned you.


12. Matchmaker.

I texted Harry.

ME: Harry, Gracie is coming home.. I know you like her, and well she likes you. So you can take her out now.! xx


*Two Weeks Later*

Harry ans Gracie are dating, and them and Niall and I always go on "double dates" it's really fun. I stood at the counter doing dishes. I felt Niall come up behind me, I could smell is cologne. He kissed my neck. Man I wanted him.. Bad. I spun around and started kissing him, deeply. He lifted me on the counter and I wrapped my legs around him, pulling his shirt off. I ran my fingers threw his hair as he undressed me. And yeah.. You probably know what happened next.


I wiped down the counter.. Cause you know.. Yeah. 

"Niall.? Can we go to bed babe.?" i asked, whining. Niall pretty much moved in. We planned on selling mine and Gracie's flat and I move in with Ni and she move in with Haz.

"Yeah baby, let's go" he said giving me a piggy back ride to bed.

"Gracie will be at HARREH'S tonight by the way." i said.

"Okay.. I love the way you say HARREH" he laughed.

With that we went to bed. Hugging eachother and our legs tangled.

"I love you Ni" i said stuffing my head in his chest.

"I love Laina" he kissed the top of my head.


Sorry for the short chapter. Hard to think.. I'm singing at my school tomorrow. I'm sooo scared.! Wish me luck.!

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