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Alaina is your typical Fan-Girl living in London with her bestfriend and new roomate Gracie... When Alaina meets her and Gracie's favorite One Direction Boy; Niall and gets intimate what will Gracie think.? Jealousy.? What will happen to Niall and Alaina.? WARNING: Sexual Situations, Strong Coarse Language. Mature readers only. If you are under 15 and think you can handle it you may read.. Don't say I never warned you.


28. I'm not even drunk. (WARNING: sexual content)

Me and Niall have been 'working on it' we haven't confirmed any relationship, but we do the basic stuff, hug, kiss, sleep in the same bed. But no I love you or any boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Anywhooo, Perrie suggested her and Zayn take a break while shes on tour. But everyone else thinks its because she hooked up with a guy... I mean we found her hugging a guy in the magazines. And oh it was her, no one can miss that pink hair. But, we decided to take Zayn out to a club. 

Every couple was dancing. We were all pretty drunk. Me and Niall were dancing when I saw Zayn all alone. 

"Niall, may I go dance with Zayn?" I asked

"Yeah, you don't have to ask me. As much as I hate to admit it, you're single. Just don't do anything stupid!" He replied

"bro, I'm not even drunk." I slurred. Yeah, that's right. I'm wasteeeeddhsjsja

I made my way to Zayn. He recently admited he has a thing for me, and truth is.. I got a little thing for him too. His face lit up and he grinned. 

"Care to dance?" I said in a deep voice.

"Why, I would love too!" Zayn said a a girls voice. We made our way to the center of the dance floor and he immediately pulled me into his body. I could feel his buldging 'Mega Malik' against my behind. Yes, Mega Malik is the name for Zayn's probably gorgeous dick. Kinda like the Payne Train.. I mean 10 inches? He probably murders Michaleys vagina. And Danielle's is probably already dead and useless by now. Anyways, we started grinding, hard might I add. I reached my arms up behind me and put my hands on his neck. His strong hands on my waist. He leaned down and kissed my neck. Making his way up to my ear. He kissed the spot under my ear. 

"Why don't we take it back to me place?" I could hear his thick Bradford accent sending shivers down my spine. I bit my lip. Technically it wouldn't be cheating, right? I'm single. 


we made it to his house and very quickly I was already in my red lace undergarments and my tight red dress, and red spumps were mixed in a pile with his clothes on the floor. 

He attacked my neck and it led from there. Let me tell you. THAT. WAS. SOME. GOOD. SEX. I can tell you I yelled fuck a lot and I'm positive all of China knows Zayn's name. 

1week later. 

I decided to tell Niall about the night with Zayn. Everyone except him knows.. Even their stylist, Lou, knows. 

I explained everything. But he didn't look that angry...? Okay he was angry. But I saw a hint of lust in his eyes. He slammed me up against the wall. Holding my wrists above my head. 

"I'm gonna fuck you harder and better than Zayn ever will" he seemed serious too. I could feel his erection hitting my thigh. He was turnin my on. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He lied me down on the bed gently and kissed me passionately, yet fierce. I lifted up his t shirt, and he lifted my sundress over my head, exposing my zebra print bra and underwear. And on the underwear it said "eat this" ... Perfect day to wear it I guess? Aha. He looked down and read it. 

"Gladly" he smirked. He unhooked my bra and I unbuckled his pants. He threw my bra across the room, it skidding across the floor as he kicked of his pants. I grabbed the elastic on his waistline. 

"These... Need. To. Go" I smirked and tugged them down. His erection flopping out. 

He left little barely there kisses from my collarbone down to my chest. Then he licked astraight line down I between my breasts. Then returning to the kisses down to my pantie line. He looked up at me and grabbed my panties with his teeth, keeping eycontact the whole time as he slowly peeled the off down my my legs. He spread my legs, trailing kisses up my right leg, stopped at y thigh where he left a dark love bite on the inside of my thigh. He soon went to work, flicking his tongue around my clit. He shoved to fingers in And pumped them I. And out, curlin them every so often. He took his fingers out, licking them clean. He dipped his hea back down and used his tongue to pleasure me, hitting my g spot. He came back up and pecked my on the lips. I reached up grabbing a condom and tearig it open with my teeth. Then hande it to him I went to slide under him. 

"No, no need to please my lower half. I just need to be inside you" he said while impatiently rolling on the condom. He lined up and my entrance after hovering over me again and propping himself up with his forearms. 

"Kay get ready" he said. 

"Just fuck me niall" I said impatiently.

he jammed himself in me filling me completely. He trusted into as hard as he could, grunting with ever push. 

"Fuck Niall. Fuck" I moaned

"you're already so tight" he moaned as I felt my pussy walls opening and closing around his shaft.

"f-fuck FUCK" I screamed. Being it was daylight in pretty sure everyone on the top floor, which was just the "1D family could hear us and were probably laughing" "I'm gonna cum" I said

"I'm ready for you" he gasped. We both reached our climax at the same time making us moan in unison. He rolled over and tossed the juices filled condom in the waste bin. He then lifted me to lay on top of him, he kissed my forehead. And we both breathlessly fell asleep. But aye, holy ass, was he right. He fucked me better than Zayn. W.O.W... I'm defiantly not gonna be walking tomorrow.. 


Okay, sorry for the mistakes. Autocorrect fucks balls. It's really fucks balls.

So, I actually laughed writing this. Don't ask why. It's mainly all sex. But yeah. For those of you kiking me saying it needs smut. There you have it. *INSERT SAYDE'S VOICE FROM AWKWARD* you're welcome. 

Twitter: @AlainaLynn11

Kik: AlainaHoranBayBayy

Vine: Lil Boehlkeee

IG: @lil_boehlke

KAY BAI LUFF YOOO. Sorry I haven't updated much, and I didn't do the update feed I promised. What can I say? It's summer. Hanging with mah girls as boys. And plus there was the carnival.. And the making out with boys xD JayKay.. I'm not attractive. 


Pssh. JayKay.. I'm part beyoncè 


-Alaina x

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