Another World

Alaina is your typical Fan-Girl living in London with her bestfriend and new roomate Gracie... When Alaina meets her and Gracie's favorite One Direction Boy; Niall and gets intimate what will Gracie think.? Jealousy.? What will happen to Niall and Alaina.? WARNING: Sexual Situations, Strong Coarse Language. Mature readers only. If you are under 15 and think you can handle it you may read.. Don't say I never warned you.


27. A/N

Hey Guise.! I was going to do a chapter update today, but its my birthday and there's a lot to do right now.! So I promise that sometime this week I give you all a huge chapter feed.! But not Monday... Going shopping all day. 

Love you guys.!! 

-Alaina xx

Published as of Sunday May 26, 2013 at 11:24am

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