Another World

Alaina is your typical Fan-Girl living in London with her bestfriend and new roomate Gracie... When Alaina meets her and Gracie's favorite One Direction Boy; Niall and gets intimate what will Gracie think.? Jealousy.? What will happen to Niall and Alaina.? WARNING: Sexual Situations, Strong Coarse Language. Mature readers only. If you are under 15 and think you can handle it you may read.. Don't say I never warned you.



Okay, so most of you think I'm British.. I'm NOT. I am American. Yup, Part American part Irish..

Now before you go virtually waving your finger in mah face calling me a liar.. Hear me out.

My cousin, Leah. Was the one who wrote most of my A/N because, frankly.. I'm not sure what to say, I just give her a brief idea and she writes it.. Recently, she had typed one explaining how America has had a rough year for me.. Well, she made it seem like I'm British and from the UK.. She figured If my story says I'm from America but in Britain, then she should tell you guys I'm British.. But I'm not.. And everyone I've Kiked.. It was her, because I've been busy, and my phone had been taken away.. So she played it like I was Born in Ireland, and in London.. Nope, my FAMILY is from Ireland but I'm not, and I do NOT live in London.. Now, they are both, Ireland and London, amazing places, I've been to both.. So most of my stories will be me in Ireland or Britian or living in Britain because I truly love those places.. c:

Just letting you guys know..

Oh and on Twitter and such, I use British/English vocabulary as well, because what Directioner wouldn't.? It's fun to say chuffed for excited, or gobsmaked, or say braces for suspenders, or trousers for pants.. I call my mom mum for fun, and she responds to it.. Because she knows I'm a dedicated fangirl for British/Irish boys.. Now, my whole family uses that vocab at some points again, being born in Ireland will do that, we all call each other love at some points, and some of us have accents peaking out..

But I'm still American and Irish either way.. Thought I'd tell you.! And My cousin will no longer make it seem as if I'm British.! 

Tank Yer.!

- Alaina xx 

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