Firefighter Liam



Liam and I have been dating for a little over three months. It has been a wonderful time. Zayn, Taylor and I went to Liam’s place after school to hang out every day. 

“Ms. [Y/L/N]?” Taylor asked as we played.

“Tay, I told you outside of school you can call me [Y/N].” I said smiling at her.

“I forgot.” Taylor said smiling.

“It’s ok, sweetie, did you want to ask me something?” I asked sitting on the floor next to her.

“Are you going to be my mommy?” Taylor asked nervously.

I looked up at Zayn. I’m sure that we shared the same look of shock. He shrugged and put his arms up. I guess what I’m on my own for this one.


“I’ll get back to you on that.” I said getting up and running to the door.

I opened the door with a sigh of relief. That quickly turned to me choking.

“Hello Danielle.” Zayn said coming up from behind me and pulling me behind him.

“Hello Zayn.” She said crossing her arms.

“What brings you here? I haven’t seen you for two years.” Zayn said coldly crossing his arms and looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

“I came to talk to Liam.” She said.

“He’s not here right now.” Zayn said.

“Then I will just wait here until he shows up.” She said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Zayn said still keeping me from view.

“Does Liam know that you’re bringing your women to his place?”

“She’s not my woman.”

“Then who is she?”

“Her name is [Y/N].” Zayn said.

“What is she doing here?”

“I’m Liam’s girlfriend.” I said coming from behind Zayn.

“Excuse me?” Danielle said.

“I’m [Y/N] Liam’s girlfriend.”

“I don’t think so, I will not have some random woman around my daughter.” Danielle said advancing towards me.

“I’m not some random woman, I have been in Taylor’s life more than you have.” I said.

“You have no right to speak to me like that.” Danielle said angrily.

“And you have the right to leave a little girl without a mother?” I asked angrily.

“I suggest you stop talking.” Danielle said.

“[Y/N].” Taylor said coming to the door. “Mom?” Taylor asked shock. 

She stopped walking and stayed by my side.

“Hey Taylor.” Danielle said kneeling down in front of Taylor.

“What are you doing here?” Taylor asked.

“I came to see you.” Danielle said smiling.

Taylor stared from me to Danielle. Finally Taylor shook her head and held onto my waist.

“Come on Taylor.” Danielle said.

“No.” Taylor said shaking her head.

“Why not?” Danielle asked shocked.

“I want to stay here with [Y/N] and Uncle Zayn.” Taylor said.

“Well I guess that’s that.” Danielle said standing up quickly. “You better take care of them or there will be a serious problem.” Danielle said threatening me.

“Bye Danielle.” I said closing the door.

“That was interesting.” Zayn said walking Taylor and me to the couch.

“I’ll say.” I mumbled.

“So [Y/N] are you going to be my new mommy?” Taylor asked.

“Hello everyone.” Liam said coming into the house.

“Hi Daddy.” Taylor said running to him.

“How are you doing baby girl?” Liam asked hugging her.

“Daddy, Mommy came by.” Taylor said.

“What?” Liam asked shocked looking at Zayn then at me.

“Yea, she came by to see you, but I doubt she’s coming back again.” Zayn said. “Taylor hide and seek go!” Zayn said.

“Ahh.” Taylor screamed and ran.

“What happened?” Liam asked.

“Long story short. Taylor picked [Y/N] over Danielle.” Zayn said before leaving to find Taylor.

“Are you ok?” Liam asked hugging me.

“Yea, I’m fine. Taylor just asked me if I was going to be her new mommy before Danielle came by. I really don’t know how to answer her.” I said nervously.

“How do you want to answer her?” Liam asked just as nervously.

“I would love to be her new mommy.” I said looking at the ground.

“You are amazing.” Liam said before lifting my chin so he could kiss me.

“Aw.” Zayn and Taylor said from the hallway.

“Come here little girl.” Liam said.

Both Zayn and Taylor walked towards us. I rolled my eyes at Zayn.

“Not you, idiot.” Liam said pushing Zayn.

“Liam that hurt.” Zayn said coming to me and pretending to cry.

“You have issues, Malik.” I said shaking my head.

“But I am too loveable to turn away.” Zayn said smiling at me.

“So honey, what have you been trying to ask, [Y/N] ?” Liam asked smiling at me.

“[Y/N], are you going to be my new mommy?” Taylor asked with a toothy grin.

“I would love to be your new mommy.” I said smiling back.

“Yay!” Taylor shouted jumping from Liam’s arms to mine. “So when are you moving in?” She asked.

“Did Uncle Zayn ask you to ask that?” I asked raising an eyebrow at Zayn.

“This time I thought about it by myself.” Taylor said smiling at me.

“So you want me to move in?” I asked surprised.

“Of course. You make me and Daddy happy when you come and visit so we will be extra happy if you stay here forever.” Taylor said as if it were the most logical explanation in the world.

“Honey that is a decision grown ups have to make.” Liam said blushing.

“It’s my house too Daddy.” Taylor said sassily. I giggled.

“Yes sweetie this is your house too, but [Y/N] and I need to discuss it.” Liam said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Ok, Uncle Zayn will you take me to get ice-cream so Daddy and [Y/N] can talk?” Taylor said reaching for Zayn.

“Sure thing beautiful.” Zayn said taking her and leaving without a word.

“I really have no idea what to do with her.” Liam said shaking his head.

“She is very unique.” I said with a little laugh.

“So?” Liam asked turning red again.

“Yea.” I said awkwardly. That little girl sure knows how to make things awkward. 

“Okay so we’ve been together for 3 months. Is moving in after that time normal?” Liam asked confused.

“Well, Li, nothing about this relationship is normal.” I said smiling.

“That’s true, so what do you think?” Liam asked nervously.

“Well, I honestly haven’t given it much thought.” I said.

“I think we have about an hour to make up our minds  before Taylor come back with more logic.” Liam said with a nervous smile.

“I don’t think I can fight her logic.” I said.

“So you would move in?” Liam asked his eyes lighting up.

“I would.” I said smiling.

“Wow, this is so…” Liam started.

“Crazy.” I offered with a laugh.

“Exactly.” He said laughing too.

“YAY!” Taylor shouted running into the house.

“Zayn I thought you were taking her for ice-cream.” Liam said surprised.

“I was, but she stopped me. She told me to listen with her at the door.” Zayn said shrugging.

“Now I can be with you all day long!” Taylor said happily hugging me.

“How about you come with me to the store to get some boxes.” I said smiling.

“Come on.” Taylor said dragging me to my car. “So when you move in you and I can play together, we can cook together, we can watch TV together, we can watch movies…” She continued the entire trip listing things off. 

I honestly can’t wait to do all of those things with her.

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