Firefighter Liam




“Good morning Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said.

“Hello, Taylor.” I said smiling.

“Daddy wants me to give you this.” She said rummaging through her bag.

I smiled watching her. She is just too cute. I also can’t help but smile when I think of Liam.

“Here you go.” She said giving me a note and running off to her friends.

‘Hello [Y/N],

I just wanted to say that I can’t wait for our date tonight. When we got home Taylor couldn’t stop talking about you the entire way home. She loved your singing and can’t wait for you to sing with her again. I can’t tell you how important it is for her to be happy, and I’m glad it’s that makes that happen. I was going to call to tell you this, but Zayn said it would be more romantic to send a note with Taylor. Who am I to argue with an artist? I can’t wait to see you again.


I could feel myself smiling like an idiot.

“Ok, class we are going to do an art day.” I said laughing as the class cheered. “The idea you are going to draw is what makes you happy. Remember share your art supplies with your neighbors. Have fun.” I said setting them loose.

They went to the art cabinet and started to work. They were all into their work, I sat my desk and reread my note. I excused them for recess and after about an hour brought them back in to finish.

“Alright, it’s time to share.” I said smiling.

One by one they came up to the front and shared their drawing with the class. Some drew animals, some drew people, there was even a cartoon character or two.

“Come on up Taylor.” I said.

“I drew my daddy, my uncle Zayn and Ms. [Y/L/N]. I drew Uncle Zayn because he makes me happy when he draws pictures. My daddy is my favorite person in the world. And Ms. [Y/L/N] because she makes my daddy happy and that makes me happy.” Taylor said with a smile at me before taking her seat.

I tried my hardest not to look like I was trying not to cry.

“Good job Taylor.”


“Ok I’ll see everyone on Monday, don’t forget your drawings.”

All of them left to meet their parents outside of the classroom door. Taylor stayed behind like she has this entire week waiting for Zayn.

“Hello [Y/N].” Zayn said catching Taylor as she ran to him.

“Hello Zayn.” I said. He hugged me with the arm not holding Taylor.

“Uncle Zayn look what I drew.” Taylor said wiggling out of Zayn’s arms and running to her desk.

“So you excited?” Zayn asked nudging me.

“Yes I am.”

“Don’t forget our conversation.” Zayn said with a smile.

“How could I forget?” I asked smiling back.

“LOOK!” Taylor said waving the paper in front of Zayn.

“Taylor, inside voice.” I said.

“Sorry, Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said looking down.

“Let me see your drawing.” Zayn said smiling.

“Look.” She said giving him the drawing.

“Wow this is amazing Tay.” Zayn said smiling brightly at her.

“Thank you.” Taylor said blushing. She valued Zayn’s opinion on her drawings more than anyone else.

“Is that [Y/N]?” Zayn asked smiling at me.

“Yes, she makes daddy happy so she makes me happy.” Taylor said hugging my waist.

“Come on sweetie, we gotta get you home.” Zayn said picking up Taylor.

“Okay, Uncle Zayn. Bye Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said giving me a squeeze and jumping into Zayn’s arms.

“Bye [Y/N].” Zayn said carrying Taylor out of the room.

On my way home to get ready for my date with Liam, I remembered my first conversation with Zayn.

“Nice to meet you, [Y/N].” Zayn said smiling.

“Same to you, Zayn.” I said shaking his hand.

“Tay, why don’t you go swing while I talk to [Y/N].” Zayn said to Taylor.

“Okay.” She said happily running to the swing.

“She’s an amazing little girl, isn’t she?” I asked smiling at him.

“She is. Liam is an amazing guy. Not many would take care of their child alone after being left and working a full time job.” Zayn said looking at me.

“I understand and respect that about Liam.” I said seriously.

“You understand that you are the first woman he has dated since Danielle?” Zayn asked.

“I am honored by that fact.” I said sincerely.

“You also understand that there is a beautifully sensitive child in the mix?” He asked with his arms crossed.

“Yes I understand.” I said.

“Okay, I just wanted to get that straight.” Zayn said. “Tay, come on!” Zayn called.

“Coming.” Taylor shouted running to him.

“See you around, [Y/N].”  Zayn said sending me a wink before taking Taylor by the hand and leaving.

“Hey, Liam.” I said after he opened the door.

“Hey, [Y/N].” He said smiling.

“Hello Zayn.” I said peering around Liam.

“Hello.” Zayn said with a short wave. I saw him lean in a whisper in Taylor’s ear then sit up with a smirk. Taylor stood up and walked over to Liam and me.

“Hello Ms. [Y/L/N]. I would like you to know that Daddy does not have to be home any time at all tonight and is more than able to sleep over your house. I will be here with Uncle Zayn and if he tries to open the door before 11, Uncle Zayn will not let him in.” Taylor said returning to the floor by Zayn’s feet.

“Thank you for the permission Taylor, and Zayn. Have a good night.” I said taking Liam’s arm and leading him to my car. He was sputtering the entire time. “Liam, it’s okay.” I said laughing.

“I swear I have no idea how I deal with him.” Liam mumbled through his hands.

“I thought it was funny.” I said.

“You would, you didn’t just get permission from your 5 year old to stay out all night.” Liam mumbled.

“Oh, perk up I was planning on taking you to my place anyway.” I said smiling at him.

“Really?” He asked looking up at me. 

I’m not sure if he was red from Zayn’s words or mine. Either way it was really cute.

“Yep, I have dinner ready there.” I said glancing over at him.

“That sounds amazing.” He said smiling.

The date went as great as the first one. Liam was very nice to talk to. Even when we were quiet we were very comfortable. It was amazing.

“[Y/N], can I be honest with you?” Liam asked as we cuddled on the couch.

“Of course Liam.” I said looking up at him.

“I really like you, and I know it’s a lot to ask with me already having a child. It’s complicated, but it’s so natural with us and Taylor together. It’s strange.” He said trailing off. “I guess what I am trying to say is, [Y/N] will you be my girlfriend?” He asked biting his lip nervously.

“Liam I would be truly happy to be your girlfriend.” I said leaning up and kissing him.

“Great.” He said smiling like a goofball. I would have poked fun if I weren’t sporting the same smile.

“I’m really looking forward to this.” I said.

“So am I spending the night?” He asked smirking. This man is going to drive me wild.

“I’ll think about it.” I said kissing him quickly and returning to cuddling with him.

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