Firefighter Liam





This was a weird turn of events. Usually I talk myself out of dates with women. It just hasn’t been the same for me since Danielle left me and Taylor. Even though it was two years ago it was still hard for me.

“Liam, man you gotta calm down.” Zayn said smiling at me from the couch. 

He knew me too well. Taylor was by his feet drawing on the coffee table.

“I’m calm.” I said plopping down next to him.

“Hey come on this is going to work out great.” Zayn said patting my back.

“How would you know?” I groaned letting my head hit the back of the couch.

“She already knows about Taylor so you don’t have to worry about breaking the news that you have a five year old. Come on she knew Tay before she knew you and she still said yes. And damn it Liam.” He said getting up, standing in front of me, and grabbing my face to look at him. “You are a sexy bastard.”

“You are an idiot Z, and watch the language in front of Tay please.” I said pushing him away from me laughing.

“It’s okay Daddy, Uncle Z says as long as I don’t say them to anyone no one will get killed.” Taylor said looking up from her drawing.

“Tay that was suppose to be a secret rule.” Zayn said moving away from my lunge.

“Zayn you are a bad influence on her.” I said giving up trying to catch him.

“Nah, she is too much of an angel.” Zayn said ruffling her hair. “So where are you going to take, [Y/N]?” Zayn asked sitting back down.

“Daddy, when are we going to get Ms. [Y/L/N]?” Taylor asked.

“Soon. Are you excited?” I asked lowering down next to her.

“Yes, I like Ms. [Y/L/N], she is very nice.” Taylor said smiling at me. 

Around 4:30 I got Taylor into the car.

“Knock her socks off, Li.” Zayn said hitting my back. “Not literally though, at least not on the first date.” Zayn said with a wink.

“Bye Zayn.” I said rolling my eyes, getting into the driver’s seat and driving away.

When we arrived at [Y/N]’s place she was already waiting out front.

“Hello, Taylor.” She said getting into the car.

“Hi, Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said smiling at her.

“Hello, [Y/N].” I said smiling at her.

“Hello, Liam.” She said. She looked so at ease here with me. Maybe this can go somewhere. I started to drive.

“Come on Daddy, I’m hungry.” Taylor said from the backseat.

“Alright, Tay.” I said chuckling.

“Ms. [Y/L/N] can we sing?” Taylor asked.

“Sure sweetie. What would you like to sing?” [Y/N] asked turning from the front seat to look at Taylor.

“Anything you start.” Taylor said excitedly. “Daddy, you sing too.”

“Taylor, you know I don’t know how to sing.” I said shaking my head.

“Come on, Liam, don’t be a spoil sport. Sing with us.” [Y/N] said nudging me.

“Alright, who am I to turn down two beautiful people.” I said.

We sang the entire way to the restaurant. [Y/N] had a great voice. We were all having a good time. When we reached the restaurant Taylor wouldn’t let go of [Y/N]’s hand.

“You’re daughter is so cute.” The hostess said smiling at [Y/N].

“Thank you.” [Y/N] said without missing a beat making my heart skip a beat.

“Follow me.” The hostess said leading the way.

We walked in a single file line. Taylor, [Y/N] and me. While Taylor was busy coloring [Y/N] and I talked.

“You know you could have told her, Taylor wasn’t yours.” I said as casually as I could.

“I know, but I liked the sound of it.” [Y/N] said lowering her head and looked interested in the table.

I could feel the smile spreading across my face. I don’t think I had this kind of smile on my face in the longest time.

“[Y/N], it’s okay, it sounded good to me too.” I said honestly.

She looked up at me a smiled.

“What can I get you all today?” The waitress said smiling at us.

It was a great


. [Y/N] was amazing. She was so sweet towards Taylor. She was perfect. I haven’t felt this way for almost two years.

“I had a great time tonight, Liam.” [Y/N] said as I walked her to her door with Taylor.

“I had a great time too.” I said smiling down at her.

“What about you Taylor?” [Y/N] asked kneeling to talk to Taylor.

“It was awesome.” Taylor then motioned for [Y/N] to move in closer. She whispered in [Y/N]’s ear for a minute. [Y/N] looked up at me with a smile her face as Taylor talked.

“Okay, Taylor.” [Y/N] said getting up and facing me. “I have been given a proposition. If I take you out on a date next week, Taylor will help me out in the classroom the rest of the year without me even asking.” She said with a big smile.

“Are you going to take her up on it?” I asked biting my lip waiting as she thought.

“It is a very tempting offer. So yes, I am taking her up on it.” [Y/N] said lifting herself on her tiptoes to kiss my lips lightly. “I’ll see you next week, Liam. Have a goodnight Taylor. I’ll see you, Monday.” She said going inside.

“Come on Daddy.” Taylor said pulling me to the car. 

“Where did that proposition come from?” I asked as I buckled her into her car seat.

“Uncle Zayn said if I thought it went well I should use my super cuteness to convince Ms. [Y/L/N] to take you out later.” Taylor said happily.

“So Uncle Zayn put you up to this?” I asked walking over to the driver’s seat.


I don’t know whether to kill Zayn or thank him. Damn you Malik!

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