Firefighter Liam



“Okay class; don’t forget that tomorrow is


Day.” I said excitedly. “Remember you only bring one parent, the one with the coolest


.” I said in a fake whisper. The class of kindergartners laughed.

“Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said waving me over a little before class ended.

“Hello Taylor.” I said kneeling next to her.

She was a really cute kid. She had really big brown eyes. Her hair is light brown and really long in a braid like always.

“My daddy doesn’t know if he can make it.” She said playing with her thumbs.

“What about your mommy?” I asked.

“Mommy doesn’t live with us anymore.” She said not looking up at me.

I felt so bad. She is such a cute little girl also very sweet and helpful. She is always helping me when I need it.

“Oh sweetie that’s okay.” She looked up at me with watery eyes. “If your daddy doesn’t make it tomorrow, I can be your parent for the day.” I offered quickly so she wouldn’t cry.

“Okay, thank you Ms. [Y/L/N].” She said hugging my neck.

“Hurry up and get your backpack from your cubby or you’ll miss the bus.” I said.

“Bye Ms. [Y/L/N], I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said waving at me as she ran to the rest of the class.

“You know you’re not supposed to get attached.” Linda said.

“Says the one who married another teacher.” I said straightening up and facing her. 

“Whatever. Come on I’m taking you to


.” She said getting my bag for me.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked getting my keys.

“Tomorrow is your birthday and I’m busy tomorrow.” She said leading the way to the parking lot.

“Okay.” I said smiling.

“We can go to my place to drop off your car.” She said unlocking her car.


Linda lived close to the school it’s not so bad. 

“I need to change out this skirt. Come in and take a seat.” She shouted over to me while she went inside.

  I locked my door and went inside.

“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted.

I nearly had a heart attack. I was also smiling really hard.

“Happy day before your birthday!” A few people shouted.

“Ok you guys got me.” I said while I hugged those closest to me.

It was a whole lot of fun at the party. There was no alcohol because we all had to work tomorrow and I don’t like alcohol. We ended the party around 11 and everyone headed home.

I opened my class a half hour before it started. I know with parents coming I need to decorate the room with their children’s art. They love that. I grabbed a step stool to get to the top part of the wall. I couldn’t reach.

“Oh come on.” I mumbled.

“Hello.” Someone said from the door.

“Hello, how can I help you?” I asked possibly the cutest fireman I’ve ever seen.

“I’m Taylor’s dad.” He said holding out his hand.

I climbed down from the ladder and walked over to him.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Payne. I’m Ms. [Y/L/N].” I said shaking his hand.

“Please call me Liam.”

“I’m [Y/N].” I said smiling.

“I’d like to thank you for your offer to Taylor. I didn’t know if I could make it today she was devastated. She comes home yesterday and says that she


a spare parent.” He said smiling.

“Yea she almost cried when she told me.” I said.

“I came to say thanks. Would you like some help, putting up pictures?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck. Taylor gets it from him.

“Where’s Taylor?” I asked.

“She left me for Anne, because Anne has a new toy in her backpack.” Liam said smiling.

“In that case I would love some help.” I said.

We spent a good ten minutes chatting and comparing the art work. 

“Taylor is very talented.” I said picking up her drawing.

“She gets it from her Uncle Zayn. He’s her favorite and he is an amazing artist and one of my best friends.” Liam said admiring his daughter’s work.

“That’s nice.” I said smiling up at him. “Thanks for your help, Liam.” I said once we finished.

“It was my pleasure [Y/N].” Liam said smiling.

Wow he was really cute when he smiles.

“Good morning Ms. [Y/L/N].” Sheldon said leading the way in for the rest of the class and their parents.

“Good morning everyone.” I said smiling as the parents filed into the room. “Alright, boys and girls you know what to do.” I said smiling at them

The kids scurried to their desks and aligned themselves.

“We want to thank the parents for taking the time to come here today and welcome to Career Day!” They all said in somewhat unison. They all held up a paper saying ‘thank you’.

The parents clapped. And that was the start of our day. The kids all had a blast as the parents went up one by one to explain their jobs.

“Who wants to see a fire truck?” Liam asked the kids.

All of their hands flew into the air and a few parents too.

“If it’s alright with Ms. [Y/L/N], we could see one.” He said turning to smile at me.

“Should I let you all go?” I asked the class. I had no problem with it he was the last parent.

“YES!” They all shouted at me.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” I said putting on a thinking face.

“PLEASE!” They begged.

“Okay, lead the way Mr. Payne.” I said smiling at him.

“Follow me kids.” He said waving his hand for them to follow as he ran.

They scrambled from their seats and ran after him. The parents just walked. 

“Happy Birthday Ms. [Y/L/N]!” They shouted.

I was shocked to say the least. There was a banner on the fire truck that said Happy Birthday.

“How did you know?” I asked trying to get over my shock.

“You had my older brother remember?” Patrick asked smiling. “He asked Ms. Linda for us.” He said.

“You are the sweetest class I’ve ever had.” I said. 

“You are the best teacher.” Taylor said.

“Thank you. So I have cupcakes and cookies in the class. Who wants some?” I asked.

“I do!” They shouted.

“Alright, come on.” I said.

“So were you surprised?” Liam asked his eyes crinkled with amusement.

“Were you sent to distract me?” I asked accusingly.

“Guilty.” He said still smiling.

“Not really fair.” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was so skilled at distracting beautiful women.” He said.

“I highly doubt that.” I said. Poking him lightly. Damn he was fit.

“Hurry Ms. [Y/L/N]!” One of the kids shouted.

“Alright, everyone take one then if there is any left over you can have more.” I said.

The kids got into a line with their parents.

“Come on everyone.” Liam said once everyone was sitting. “Haaa,” he started, then everyone joined, “py Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Ms. [Y/L/N], happy birthday to you!” Everyone finished off key, but it was still the sweetest thing.

“Thank you everyone. This will conclude the best Career Day ever. I will see you all on Monday.” I said.

Everyone trickled out of the class until Liam, Taylor and I were the only ones left.

“Ms. [Y/L/N].” Taylor said pulling my jacket gently with Liam standing behind her.

“Yes, Taylor?” I asked getting to her level.

“Daddy and I would like to take you out for your birthday.” She said smiling. I looked up at Liam and he was blushing, but still smiling. “Please.” She begged her eyes going big and round. She looked like Puss in Boots.

“I would love that Taylor.” I said. 

“Yay, Daddy says we will pick you up at 5 o’clock sharp.” She said in the cutest way possible. 

“I can’t wait.” I said straightening up and facing Liam.

“See you tonight, [Y/N].” He said biting his lip.

“See you, Liam.” I said smiling at him and then at Taylor.

So not fair using her like that, but I’m not really complaining.

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