When the planets invaded by aliens, what heroic effort does Dru Richards do? She runs. Don't get me wrong, she'd love to be a hero but honestly? Anyway, hiding on a deserted island with her brother, her best friend and her best friends younger brother, they soon find they weren't the only ones hiding on the island. Once Dru starts to fall for a guy in her former class, she finds she's more important in this war then she thinks


3. The plan

We saw her parents. They were lying still on the ground. "NOOO!" She yelled. Bailey started swearing every swear word he knew, and that was a lot. I felt the tears threaten to escape my eyes, they were like second parents to me, and remembered that this was not the time to get emotional. I knelt down and checked their pulses. Nothing. "There's nothing we can do." I said softly. "We have to be rational," I added when she wouldn't reply. She nodded slowly. Then looked at me,"are yours...?" I turned away and stood up. We exchanged glances, a conversation forming behind our eyes. "You've got a plan?" Bailey finally spoke his voice hinting sadness, anger and confusion. I nodded. "Get all the food and bags we can carry, we're going for a permanent vacation. Don't use phones or any electronic devices." I've seen too many shows showing that electronics reveal your location.

Sneaking around town to the boat was scary and I couldn't help feel a little excited..-wait did I just say that? Wtf is wrong with me? We came across a little girl hiding from an alien. They were about to turn the corner and see her! She couldn't have been more than 5! I acted on impulse. Stupidest thing I've ever done, and charged at the alien. I grabbed a gun from a dead guy and open fired on it. It fell and I stood over at it and fired some more and some more and some more. "I think it's dead Dru." Jazmin finally said. It's leg twitched and I screamed, unloading another clip on it. Satisfied, I went over to the girl. "Hi," I said "what's your name?" She looked at me with wide green bambi eyes and blonde curly hair. "Annabelle" she finally said. I smiled "I'm Dru. Where's your parents?" I asked. She pointed at the ground and started to cry. "The alien was getting closer daddy said to run but that black thing killed him." She said, pointing to the gun in my hand. I felt a moments pity and made an Impulsive decision "c'mon. We're going somewhere safe" I said taking her hand.

Finally getting to the boat I saw Ryan. We lifted the bags onto it first, "so what's the plan?" Ryan finally asked. "We're going to live on an island. We'll take the dingy tied to the boat." I said already working things out in my head.
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